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bernard11 12-05-2011 16:07

Thanks pollensa. I tried those numbers yesterday before i posted on here. The hotel number was unobtainable. I have also emailed the hotel direct and it bounced!!!! I will try again and let you all know.

bernard11 12-05-2011 17:16

I have spoken to customer services and the hotel opens on 27th may as per usual. It hasn't had or indeed having any refurbishment. Just a general tidy up. Does it look any worse than recent years? Most reviews were positive from previous years. It's an ideal location hence the reason we booked here!

clinkham 13-05-2011 23:29


Originally Posted by bernard11 (Post 58342)
I have spoken to customer services and the hotel opens on 27th may as per usual. It hasn't had or indeed having any refurbishment. Just a general tidy up. Does it look any worse than recent years? Most reviews were positive from previous years. It's an ideal location hence the reason we booked here!

Bernard11 - I don't want to a doom monger, but quoted below is my post following our visit to oro playa last year. The place was grim - we walked out without opening our cases and booked in and paid again in another hotel. Oro playa closed before the end of the season last year with the suggestion it was to have a major refurb. We were back in PP in April and the place was like the Mari Celeste. Wind blown and derelict with no sign of any refurbishment having taken place between sept and April. As it has taken months to lay drainage pipes and do some crazy paving in the Square, IMHO there is no way 4 or 5 weeks is enough time to bring the place back into use, never mind 'refurbish' it any sort of acceptable standard.
My view my be slightly coloured by the fact I'm £500 down on our holiday last year, but I don't want anyone else to walk into a similar situation. Problem is if you fetch up there then complain -you will just get the standard 10% compensation from the tour operator or waste your precious holiday being transferred to another hotel. If I was in your situation I would look to change hotels before you go - oro playa is the exception that proves the point that other accommodation in PP is generally very good.. If they won't rebook ask for written confirmation that oro playa has been fully refurbished and is of an acceptable standard. If not they will give you a full refund ( unlikely they will agree this but no harm askingAnd. It will demonstrate you are serious)

It's your holiday,your hard earned cash. Don't wait till you on your hols before taking some action. Read all the other posts on this forum. They tend to confirm what I have said above.

Originally Posted by clinkham
"As you will see from my earlier posts we stayed in La Singala last week. (End of June 2010) Now back home and able to take stock. We are both agreed that last week was one of our best ever visits to PP, despite getting off to a bad start at Oro Playa.
Oro Playa is depressingly grim - it needs an immediate and total refurbishment - the apartments were worn out, with cracked and chipped tiling in the bathroom areas. Silvering on the mirror peeling off. Polystyrene ceiling tiles broken, blackened and loose. Beds past their sell by date, possibly with 'dunlopillo' matresses that were in the late stages of decay. I'll not go on - too depressing.AVOID!!!!! "

Thought I might have been a little precious when I wrote this at the end of June, but it turns out I was spot on. We were booked into Oro Playa for 7 days with Jet2 - we didn't unpack - it was terrible. The staff seemed unconcerned that we were leaving so quickly. Wrote to Jet2 and recently got a letter back with the usual 'you should have complained in resort' which is what I expected. Whether it was my letter I don't know, but Jet2 haven't offered Oro Playa since early July(2010).

animagic21 13-05-2011 23:59

We stayed at the Oro Playa in Sept. This was a base only as we ate out each night and went to the beach each day. The staff were pleasant and the rooms clean but extremely basic. This break we stayed at the Flora. Again the rooms are basic & staff helpful. However, having seen the state of the Oro Playa this week, I would not like to be staying there myself. The outside is particularly in need of re-painting & the balconies look grim.

bluestar 15-05-2011 12:12

Agree - just got back last night - the rep at the Playa Mar said it is due to open at the end of May but from the outside looks terrible.... main door boarded up, dead plants on the balconys, and a gereral look of neglect however the palm trees ouside were being cut back this week perhaps that is a sign that it is coming back to life!

keenholidayfan 17-05-2011 15:14

Oro Playa
Iíve just been reading all the stories about the Oro Playa at closing early at the end of last season. Iím quite concerned as to whether anyone knows if it will be re-opening this year as weíve booked for this season (first day of holiday 25th June 2011).

We visited Mallorca in March this year and spent a day in Puerto Pollensa so took at the Oro Playa at they looked nowhere near ready to open in May, in fact the pool was green. Has anyone noticed if theyíve started to clean up yet? They are due to open at the end of May according to their website as thatís when they are taking bookings for!!

its cd 18-05-2011 00:01

I really wouldn't advise anyone to stay here especially when you consider the number of really nice 2 bed private apartments available for rental on this site and elsewhere. The hotel is tired and the pool area is bedlam in the summer, the entertainment is really not great and they expect a family of 4 to cram into a 1 bedroom apartment. Not many of us sleep in the lounge at home , so why do it on holiday .......... I know thats just my opinion, but really why would you?

And the bit I really don't "get" is that its not that cheap ........ I know its a different place but I recently ( out of interest ) priced a holiday from uk to the Playa Mar for a family of 4 ( crammed into a 1 bed apartment ) 1 week in August self catering = £3,000 ............ compare that with the DIY option of flights for about £150 each and around £1,000 for a really nice 2 bed apartment with pool ......... lots of money spare to pay for transfers and nice meals out.

I know some people say they need the kids clubs and the entertainment , but I have been holidaying with children for the last 18 years and in my opinion PP has so much to offer, they can get so much more out of a holiday than the rowdie kids club type entertainment often offered.

Playing on the beach, fishing, collecting hermit crabs,feeding the fish, kayacking, hiring bikes, football in the square, dressing up nicely in the evenings and going out for grown up meals with mum and dad because they are good children who know how to behave themselves in restaurants, the water park at Alcudia, climbing up the calvary steps , counting each and every one , running back down if they loose count knowing there is an ice cream treat waiting for them at the top, the riding stables over by C'an picafort, the boquer valley walk, the boat ride round to formentor having a swimming pool there is actually enough room to swim in, playing diving into the pool for coins etc etc ............. gone on a bit I know and nearly went for "lashings of Ginger beer" .... but joking aside, thats the type of holiday all out kids can have in PP with very little effort from Mum and Dad and loads of family fun to be had by all ( in fact I am almost wishing my 17year old was a toddler again )

I had some friends who went to the Ora Playa a couple of times just beacuse they hadn't really thought of any alternative and they thought their kids woudn't never make friends with anyone if they weren't in a "holiday apartment" ......... when I pointed out the other options they booked themselves a lovelly apartment and have never looked back.

Of course the kids make friends, you just have to spend a bit of time in the square or by the beach any evening to see the groups of children of all nationalities meeting up making freinds , language being no barrier

And the wonderful thing about PP is that people come again and again and the kids that used to meet up to play football or "sit on the Coach House tree " now meet up at the all night beach party during fiesta week or Cheesy Chivas

Sparky 18-05-2011 00:25

Great post as always CD and oh so true, get a group of kids together on the beach or in the square and they will be happy for hours and it doesn't matter what nationality they are or what language they speak. :D

Belladonna 18-05-2011 09:06

Can always tell when you are longing to get back to PP cd!! Those memories come flooding back and pouring out! (You can tell its raining here at the moment!)
Thanks for a great post. Very informative and absolutely right. It is a comfortable and easy option to choose a hotel with facilities for the children, and many work out great, especially if you really have no idea of the area or facilities available.
But with all the information on this site - no one can complain about that!:cool:

cherylbb 18-05-2011 10:42

Great post CD and so true. We holiday with friends every year and we met in PP through our sons playing on the beach together. My son is 18 next month. They still play footy & cricket on the beach, go fishing & feed the fish though, its part of the holiday.
But have never stayed at Oro Playa or anywhere with a Kids Club.

emmalou 18-05-2011 14:59

Great post CD.

climbing up the calvary steps , counting each and every one
Will have to remember this one. Didn't go to Pollensa Town last year, but intending to get the bus there this year, should keep them out of mischief for a while!!! :)

Nick 18-05-2011 18:13

Yes emmalou, you must visit Pollensa town. It's very qauint with some lovely squares surrounded by classy cafes. The buildings are fantastic and the Calvary steps are a must climb, the view from the top is awesome.

endhouse 18-05-2011 20:14

Totally agree - the walk up Calvary Steps is always - wait for it- the high point of our holiday! I know I should stick to the day job. But joking apart on our first ever visit to PP when our kids were tiny we stayed at the Oro Playa and after walking around the town it didn't take us long to realise that there was lots of beautiful apartments to rent. Been going many years now and always stay in a new and different property. Be cheeky too. Make the agent an offer. We saved 500 euro for our May stay just by bargaining. They can only say "No". The money saved can then go on a sundowner at Illa d'Or followed by one of Jaime's fig pannacottas at O Lume. Marvellous!

debz1 19-05-2011 00:06

Great post cd!

Everything you said brought back wonderful memories of when my 'babies' were young and our early holidays in PP.

When we passed the Oro Playa a couple of weeks back it was boarded up and looked very sad and neglected. As you said when you can rent a private apartment at a much fairer price and have room to breath (a family in one room is not my idea of a holiday:eek: ) it certainly seems a much better option.

pips 19-05-2011 08:34

OH! CD such memories Chris played football on the beach and in the square it has one language, we sat and had lovely meals and he was safe, he is 19 now and wants to come with us also girlfriend, Libby is 16 she loves PP, the people are so friendly she has them as facebook friends.

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