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Bails 07-03-2011 17:28

Walked past the Oro Playa several times during the last month. We had once stayed there in 1993. It looked to be a disaster zone, boarded up and as we are now in March I would be doubtful if any substantial renovation work of the type required would be possible. The pool had not been drained and was a stagnant green in colour and the building resembled a "modern" prison in style and texture. Sad.

bevgt 05-04-2011 23:06

Oh what a shame really thought they were going to refurbish it for the summer, it could be made really lovely and it is in such an ideal position for everything,Have not looked on website yet to see if they are taking bookings for this year yet.

allanglens 06-04-2011 10:43

Well, just tried imputting various random dates (Sat to Sat) onto the Mar Hotels website for the Oro Playa. It shows no availablilty for early May, but some from early June onwards.

So maybe they intend opening late this year.


mpg.mk1 22-04-2011 09:21

Just returned from a week staying almost opposite the Ora Playa -Oh Dear!
I know quite a few families who stay there every year (as we used to.) Most are under the impression that the Ora Playa is shut for a much needed refurbishment, well it looks as though they have just locked up and walked away; it looks a real run down shambles. We were told that it is due to open by the end of May, but it will require a lot of work berfore then to get it ready!
There is a knock on effect, the corner shop across the road - next to Laroc; has not opened and no one knows if they will open this year!
In contrast the Flora Appartments round the corner, looks as though it has had a lick of paint and the garden in front of the dining room was all planted up and in bloom, creating a very good first impression. The Flora was the first place we ever stayed in PP (heaven knows how many years ago!) We used to look at the Playa Mar and think it was the D.B's, eventually staying there for many consecutive years. Even back then we used to comment that the rooms could have done with refurbishing.
We had the pleasure of staying in the Playa Mar when it was first opened which was brilliant but just a little too far out of town for us. I understand that this place has already had one refurb; yet this place is owned by the same group, it's hard to understand why they have let the Ora Playa go so far downhill

meg1973 22-04-2011 09:38

this does not sound good , we stay opposite the ora playa and is usually busy when we are there july august time , sparky do you know anything about this ??

Sparky 22-04-2011 09:50

Sorry Meg but mpg.mk1 is right, i have seen no sign of the promised refurbishment and the place looks very sad now. It closed before the end of the season last year supposedly to start the work but absolutely nothing has been done. Such a shame :(.

meg1973 22-04-2011 10:19

sad to hear i see they are still advertising it on there website ,just did a quick type in of dates in may and it is coming up closed and so are another 3 hotels that they own , but june onwards available to book

favie 22-04-2011 10:38

June onwards!!?? Doubt it will be ready for then or will it??, Therefore I reckon people should be very cautious about booking and ask them for gaurantee that it is , especially after what happened to Simon at the Capri.

marilyn 22-04-2011 22:24

We stayed at the Oro Playa the first year it opened and had a great holiday. I thought it was very sad to see the state it is now.

My neighbour has booked Oro Playa for herself, her daughter and two grandsons from 28th May. Sparky would be grateful for any further news you get so they can take it up this end if necessary.


Joanne 23-04-2011 08:41

Thats a shame if the shop on the corner (think its called Monte Carlo) doesnt open this year have been going in there for provisions and ice creams on the beach for a few years now

bernard11 12-05-2011 09:24

Any news on this? I am due to fly out in August. I have called Thomas Cook. They have spoken to the agent and have guaranteed me that the Hotel is now fully operational. I have stayed at the Azul quite a few times so I know the area. I could go back to the Azul, however the benefit with this hotel is the self catering option.

I have 10 days to inform Thomas Cook if i want to change before the 70 day penalty kicks in!!!!

animagic21 12-05-2011 13:57

We have walked past the Oro Playa every day this week. It looks extremely run down. There are signs that some work is being carried out eg a chap in a van lopping dead palm leaves, but can't believe it could possibly open soon.

bernard11 12-05-2011 14:56

That's very dissapointing. I will be phoning Thomas Cook tomorrow 1st thing and get my hotel changed. Not even going to risk it. I have looked at Duva, but a little unsure of the walk into the Square?

pollensa 12-05-2011 15:22

Why not try phoning them directly & see what they say:

- Contact customer service: (+34) 971 431 387
- Contact hotel's reception: (+34) 971 864 441

meg1973 12-05-2011 16:04

my mum is now out in PP and she has seen people cleaning the pool as our appt looks into the pool area, she did say its looking a bit tatty though !!! , but a lick of paint may help its cause possibly

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