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rasher 01-08-2009 20:35

Flora Apartments
I am thinking of booking two weeks in September through First Choice as it seems to be the best deal. Anyone been there recently and have any feedback?

Smiddy 01-08-2009 22:30

Flora Apts
Rasher, My apt looks directly over them and everything looks fine, nice apts, pool etc. very well positioned for beach, square etc. No doubt some of the posters who have actualy stayed there this year will advise further.

its cd 02-08-2009 00:36

Hi never stayed but know people who have and reports have been good for couples but a bit cramped for families I think they only have 1 bedroom
Before you go down the first choice route try alpha rooms or the flora direct as unless first choice are discounting it is often cheaper to book direct

risk 02-08-2009 09:49

Try doing a search on "Flora" there are plenty of good comments that have been posted.

bevgt 02-08-2009 09:52

Hve stayed in the Flora many times staff are lovely and apartments spotless,they are small so more suitable for two adults one sml child.The only down side for me was the pool there is a childrens pool but the main one is very deep even in the shallow end had to stand on toes and it did feature on a holiday programe once as bieng in the top ten dangerous pool list.

Pepperoni Man 02-08-2009 21:38

Me and Mrs Pep are also considering the Flora so any views would be welcome. Not sure whether to save the pennies and go for the Flora in order to have more spending money or splash out on the Miramar

eleanor 03-08-2009 08:07

Why not look at the rentals on this site and deal with the owners directly. Often works out much cheaper especially if you are lucky to find a cheap flight with Easyjet or Ryanair plus you can speak with the owner and really gain a good feel for the property.

Rachel23 03-08-2009 12:30

hey there

have stayed in Flora loads of times and would definately reccommend esp for value for money.

Although I do work in travel and would reccommend the First Choice route over flights and accom seperately as this is more sensible with the currant situation :)

pollensa 03-08-2009 13:11

There are various booking options for the Flora here puertopollensa.com/hotels_apartments_pollensa.html#flora

We stayed there just over 21 years ago (I was pregnant with my youngest who was 21 this weekend!) on our very first trip to PP & enjoyed it then! :D

Puerto Bello 03-08-2009 13:35

We have stayed in an apt that we book from this site, the apt is directly opposite the Flora. The benefit for us is that we get to take part in the bingo, TV quiz, name that tune and name the year quizes that happen most nights plus we get the benefit of the band that's playing.
That was a bit tongue in cheek as it's not the sort of thing that we'd like to do, it was just to make you aware of the activities that they have. The Flora seems to be popular and the family that we met last year enjoyed their fornight at the apts, although they did go down to the beach each day rather than use the pool.
I'd recommend having a look at the private owners apts that are on the site, we think that there are a lot that are really good value we now know the owner of the apt we go to fairly well. Rasher, if you want to know which one it is that we use, I'll be happy to forward you the contact details.

Portofan 03-08-2009 14:50

Hi Rasher and Mr Pep, and welcome.

I'd go along with what people have said about the Flora.

We stayed there twice a few years back and surprisingly, the second time were in the same room as the first time.Very clean, staff very pleasant and helpful, to the extent of taking our bags right up to the room for us. Two small rings on the cooker so no great shakes if you really want to cook in.

Flora is very handy for the Square, the seafront, beach , Pine Walk, buses, and plenty of restaurants pretty close at hand, for your evening meals out, particularly, Trio, Mirch Massala (Indian), Pepes and many others.

Now Mr Pep, the Miramar.

We stayed there twice last year, first time in a front room, superb views and right bang in the middle for people watching . Our second visit was in a room at the rear and did not quite compare to our first time, although all the hotel's facilities are there for you. Plenty choice at breakfast and there is a certain old fashioned ambience in dining inside and of course it it very pleasant to have dinner outside, resident or not.

You would probably pay a good deal more for the Miramar, but not necessarily so, have a look at the likes of Alpharooms, see on this site, or Travel Republic.

If on a first visit to PP the Flora might be a better bet, as if you go to the Miramar you might be spoiled for a future visit!:D

Going to the Flora would also perhaps be better, if budgets rule, as you could have more to enjoy the pleasures of evening eating out.

There again, you might get a private rental as some have indicated.

Good luck and good hunting, the choices are yours to make!:)

Pepperoni Man 04-08-2009 20:04

Hi All

Plumped for the Miramar in the end. Worked out at about 60 each extra for the week and we get breakfast as well

Thanks for the advice - very grateful

rayf52 06-08-2009 15:31


Originally Posted by rasher (Post 33474)
I am thinking of booking two weeks in September through First Choice as it seems to be the best deal. Anyone been there recently and have any feedback?

hi we just got back we didnt stay at the flora but went in a couple of nights and its a good clean looking place and is idealy located,theres a good bar opposite (pepes)if you want to get a drink or something good to eat we are thinking of going to the flora next year.

rasher 12-08-2009 20:25

Thank you all for your helpful comments. Am booking direct for 10 nights. Can't wait.

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