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Hotels, Villas & Apartments in Pollensa & Cala San Vicente Discuss hotels, aparthotels, private villas, apartments and any other type of accommodation in the Pollensa area including Cala San Vicente. Do add reviews and comments for specific hotels and apartments. Readers find these very useful. However this forum is not a place for advertisements. Check out the 'Advertise' page on the main web site.

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Old 31-12-2003, 04:03
Posts: n/a
Default Is this for Real ??????

Myself and the family have been visiting PP for 5 years now. We have always stayed in the appts in or near the Pine Walk.

However this year we have been looking at an area in the Southern Beach area.

I have found an appt owned by a German Hans Bruke. He says that the appt is on C. Voltor but is accessed via C. Verderol next to a restaurant in the Gotmar area of PP.

My questions are

Done anybody know this person. Is he genuine?
Has anybody been to the Apartment? Is it any good ?
Does anybody know the restaurant ?

Please help before I send this chap any money

Thanks eve
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Old 31-12-2003, 04:41
pollensa's Avatar
Join Date: May 2001
Location: Colchester, UK
Posts: 3,824

Perhaps you could request the name of the restaurant & then people will be able to comment. Also do you have the name of the apartment block. You can find detailed maps at www.maporama.com which may help to locate it.
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Old 31-12-2003, 17:32
Posts: n/a
Default More details

Re the the post I made on the 30th

Sorry the address is
The adress is:
c / Voltor 65, bajos and the entrance is in
c / Verderoll, to the right side of the restaurant "Hideaway".
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Old 10-02-2004, 21:27
Posts: n/a
Default Re: More details

Although you may have paid your money and confirmed booking by now I personall would say that the Gotmar side of town, close to the Hideaway, does not compare with the Pine Walk where you normally stay. There is some distance to the beach from the Hideaway and many of the apartments in that area are fairly old in my view.
With regards to whether your money is safe, well, this is the benefit you receive when booking with a bonded tour operator as you have full financial protection and also the possibility of arbitration should you have a dispute with any part of your holiday. Hope you have a great holiday and that all turns out well. :rolleyes
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Old 11-02-2004, 01:04
Posts: n/a
Default Thanks JMD 40

Thanks for your response.

Yes the Stock is older and not as nice but the beach is better.
Ask a three and a six year old to choose between a nice view and a good beach. You know now why we are staying at Gotamar.

As for using bonded companies. The numbers of adverts on this web site are testament to the VFM to be had by going it alone. However I wanted to reduce the risk by asking the knowledgeable people of this forum if they had any info.

Therefore by this posting I was hoping to find anybody who had experienced of this apartment/location and see if there was any adverse feedback. Also if any people who are visiting PP before August could do a bit of scouting and report back.

So that we know that there is an apartment there and not some parking lot or crumbling heap. We have photos but as you know they can be deceiving.

To date I have spent 250Euros (total 1050) compared to the 1600 we paid last year and the 2k they want this year for a pine walk appt. The difference can buy a lot of buckets, spades and ice cream for the kids ; )
Therefore the financial risk is not so great but the risk to everybody having a happy holiday while the family stops in a dump and i have to find alternate accommodation is the risk I want to avoid.

I appreciated you taking the time to reply. Hopefully you understand why I asked the question
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Old 12-02-2004, 18:42
Posts: n/a
Default Is this for real?

Yes I agree with you about costs - we've been visiting P
P for nearly 20 years now and pretty soon I think we may not be able to find the kind of accommodation we want & can afford.
Last year a sea front 3 bedroom apartment (which turned out to be 2 dble & a single - rather than the 3 dble we booked) cost 1600 for 2 wks. This year it is 2100.
The cost is paid between the 5 adults in the party & decent flights from Manchester are around 240 each.
Hire of a 'people carrier' is around 650 for 2 wks.
So the cost per adult is around 770 each - plus the cost of eating out for 2 wks. A couple of years ago we had 10 days in luxury in India for the same price.
We love PP but please don't over price accommodation - or we (& probably others) may stand back & think of the other places we can visit for the same kind of cost.
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Old 13-02-2004, 21:34
Posts: n/a
Default Re: Is this for real?

Re the comments about private rentals. if you booked the apt of the PP web site there is a guest comment book you can check. The benefit of private rentals is that you have a much more varied choice both of size of apt or villa and location. I agree some prices are high but vote with your wallet( don't book ) I rent out an apt and am of the view better to charge less and have full occupancy than charge more with the possibility of empty weeks. However bear in mind owners have overheads to pay. Apart from the initial outlay of the property which could be mortgaged thus incurring monthly payments, there are bills such as taxes, community charge,gas electicity, which is high if there is air conditioning, and maid service. Also wear and tear on furniture and fittings which have to be replaced. All this can add up in a year and I doubt if many owners make a profit, unless they bought when prices were low some years ago. Most people who rent out apts and villas hope you will come back or reccomend so it is unlikely you will end up with a poor apt. Good luck.
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Old 13-02-2004, 21:45
Posts: n/a
Default Re: Is this for real?

Forgot to add, Rose who on earth do you fly with Rolls Royce?
The most I have paid for a flight to Mallorca is 100. Easyjet are low cost. Monarch who fly from Manchester are some times cheaper than Easyjet. I paid 80 return last July with Monarch. Also try BMI baby (Mancherster) and Jet2 Who fly from Leeds Bradford. Re car hire try Autos Omega and Record Rent a Car very reasonable. ( www.autosomega.com and recordrentacar.com)
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Old 17-02-2004, 19:26
Posts: n/a
Default is this for real

eve101, I am going out to PP in two weeks for a couple of days, I will see if I can find your apartment for you, Gomar is quite near where I have my place in Llanaire.
I would love to know who gets all this money for renting, we only charge 200 pounds a week, so as you can imagine we are always booked up.
The stretch of beach down our end is beautiful, and it is also not to noisy, I think Gotmar is quieter too.
Anyway I will see what I can do.
Also I recommend easyjet, we only ever pay about 100pp in the summer, and I am flying out soon at 10 each way.8)
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Old 20-02-2004, 00:34
Posts: n/a
Default Is this for real?

We don't like to pay over the odds for flights either but our nearest Easyjet flight is from from Liverpool & taxis are 50 each way (for a minibus for 6), parking for 2 cars for 2 wks is well over this). Like too many others we have to visit in August during school hols & as villa & apt rentals start on a Saturday the restrictions increase the cost. Easyjet flights for the dates we are travelling this year are currently 284 or 340 return.
I appreciate your comments & advice but unfortunately until we can afford to own our own place & travel at short notice I think we have to bite the bullet.
Incidentally I would never recommend Monarch as last year they lost our luggage for 3 weeks which was a nightmare. It can & does happen to many but Monarch unfortunately made no effort to trace it at all.
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Old 26-02-2004, 18:22
Posts: n/a
Default Re: Is this for real?

Hi Rosie
yes it is difficult if you don't live near a cheap flight airport. I have just looked on easyjet now for Aug and 2 weeks Sat to Sat is 176 return but when you add traveling to the airport from a distance it can add up. Sorry to hear about your experience with Monarch, That one off incident can put you off which is a shame as I have flown with them 3 times and I have friends who are in their frequent flyers club, they have never had any problems. Perhaps you should bite the bullet and give them another chance if it means a big saving!
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Old 04-04-2004, 23:08
Posts: n/a
Default Thanks for the info

Thanks all for the comments.
It good to know that there are others who think like me
Blondie any info will be great

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Old 05-04-2004, 02:46
Posts: n/a
Default Re is this for real

Sorry Eve I forgot to look, but I'm out again for a couple of days in two weeks and I will definitely have a look. Sorry once again
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Old 17-04-2004, 01:17
Posts: n/a
Default Re Is this for real

Hi Eve
we found what seems to be the apartments in question. We took some photos for you. We get back to UK in a couple of days and will try to activate my mail box, so if you want to see them you can leave your email address there and we can send them to you. It looked OK. They are about 10-15 mins walk from the beach.
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