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gemmakate 29-06-2009 21:31

Villa Parade
Just wondered if anyone else has experience of renting a Villa with Villa Parade? They state that a free car is included with every villa yet this isnt the bargain it seems.......whatever size villa you hire, you just get a standard ford fiesta type car (not big enough for even 4 people with cases).
We have booked, at considerable expense, a villa for 7 people and a baby (sleeps 8)and are due to go on Sat for two weeks. I noticed today in the small print that the car we collect at the airport is not going to be big enough. On phoning I was told we could have two cars, at our own expense, paying over 300 extra for the second car!
Is it me or does this seem a bit misleading?
Two years ago we booked to stay at The Duva through Villa Parade and were given two cars for 4 of us!
They couldnt explain this and just offered a paltry 15Euro off the car hire as a goodwill gesture!
So with 5 days to go and a serious lack of cars this year available, Ive got to start searching for prices!
Just had to get that off my chest!

Sparky 29-06-2009 22:13

Oh Gemma, what a shock for you. You would think that when they take the booking and realise how many are in your party they would at least warn you that you will only get a small car. At least you would then have a reasonable amount of time to organise something bigger. Hope you get something sorted out.:(

gemmakate 29-06-2009 22:55

Thanks Sparky.
Dont worry, it wont take the shine off our trip to PP!
And looking at the car hire companies, it looks like 318 is a bargain! There is nothing available it seems, and what is available is very very expensive (looking at 1150 plus for a renault senic or similar)!!
Good luck to anyone else tryiong to book last minute!

Ps. Perhaps our paths will cross Sparky!

Del_RFC 29-06-2009 23:01


I have used Villaparade on at least 6 visits and have to say it has always been crystal clear that you will get a Ford Fiesta or equivalent with your booking.

Can't fault the company in any way, shape or form. Nothing misleading about it and more a case of you didn't read the big print let alone the small print.

The fact they have offered you 15 Euro's off I would say is a decent gesture as they are 100% in the right. Do a search on any property on their website and it clearly states in a highlighted box "Price Below Includes a 2 door car with A/C"

I have travelled with many companies to many places. IMHO Villaparade are by far the most upfront and accomodating company I have come across. For that reason they get my hard earned on at leats a couple of occasions every year.

In most cases we need 2 cars. Took the second car option once with them but found we could get a better deal direct. Always book the second car independently now.

gemmakate 29-06-2009 23:32

Hello Del RFC

I agree with you that Villa Parade are a very reputable company and have had no other problems with them at all. I am very happy with their service and wouldnt hesitate to use them in future..... now that I am aware of the cars they provide and would be able to pre-book my own in plenty of time.

I genuinely thought that they would provide a suitable car for our booking as they did last time we used them. They agreed with us that we had been provided with two cars last time (for only 4 people) but they didnt know why we had the two cars and couldnt honour that this time!
I assumed that the service we had last time would apply again, especially as we are spending considerably more money this time!

However, I dont think I would take the car they provide and book my own second one myself.
It seems a pain to me to have to wait in line for two seperate cars from two companies, filling in the seperate paperwork etc!
I dont know about you, but when I get to Palma airport, my main aim is to get out of there and get to P.P in order to start my holiday!

romanb 30-06-2009 17:45

I am sorry but I agree with DeL RFC we too have used Villa Parade and been very pleased and as DeL RFC says it does say very cearly on website and in brochure that the car is a small car. Did you book two rooms at the Duva becasue that could account for two cars or did they just make a genuine mistake before.

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