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bluebell22w 26-10-2005 19:13

Lord Jim apartments / villa in C'An Singala
I am thinking of booking the groundfloor apartment for next September for my husband and I and our 2 year old (possibly with my sister and husband visiting for a few nights www.puertopollensa.com/rentals/properties/lordjim.php
Can anyone give me any info on the Lord Jim apartments? Are they further along the Pinewalk than the Illa D'Or?

We came to PP in September and stayed at Ora Playa which was great but I would rather stay in a provate apartment this year - the Lord Jim one appeals as it is ground floor with some garden space for my son to run about in. Any other suggestions welcome though.

The other place I have found is this
but I'm worried it might be a bit far out.

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Pinewalkpaddy 26-10-2005 19:14

Try Open hoildays and Marfran for private apartments on the Pine Walk,I use them most years and am always pleased with what I get.I stayed a few years ago in the Pinewalk Catalina apartment which was a 3 bed groundfloor apt in one of the best positions on the pinewalk so it may appeal to you,only drawback was no aircon but in September it may not be a problem.Also air con units can be hired in the port for approx 70 euros per week.Hope this helps,

pollensa 26-10-2005 19:48

For a map of the area see www.puertopollensa.com/maps/pinewalk.html You can always ask the owner the name of the road for LordJim or its position in relation to the Illa d'Or.

As far as I remember the hotel & both apartments & villa will be in a similar area - just a bit of a walk to the centre.

its cd 28-10-2005 17:18

From what I can see, both of these properties are a similar distance from town ..... but with a 2 year old I would definitely go for the appt near the beach. You are so close to the beach that you can nip in and out of the appt for anything you need ..... although the C'an Singala Villas are close to the beach, they are a few hundred yards away and you wouldn't really want to be walking back to get a forgotten bucket and spade, change a nappy, grab some dry clothes after he wanders into the sea fully clothed for the umteenth time ( they all do it ! ) grab a sandwich etc, all of which is possible if you are right on the beach.

In addition ( and this is just a personal opinion ) the walk into town is not far, there is no Restaurant ( including those over towards Es Pinaret ) that isn't within walking distance ..... and we include 2 adults in their mid 70's in our party .... and the moonlit stroll home along the pinewalk, little'n' probably asleep in buggy by then, has always been one of the highlights of my holiday ......... stop off for a nightcap at either the Bahia or the Illa D'or and you have heaven on a plate .

JMD40 06-11-2005 04:45

I lived in a Lord Jim apartment for one year many moons ago and they are very spacious. They are just after the Hotel Illa D`or and very very close to the sea. I had a top floor but the ground floor do have a nice garden covered in grass - not sure how enclosed the garden is for a toddler - maybe worth checking out but certainly a good option. The Can Singala villas are the same road as Lord Jim - but Lord

JMD40 06-11-2005 04:51

I lived in a Lord Jim apartment many moons ago for one year and they are very spacious. I had a top floor apartment and I remember that the ground floor ones had a nice garden area covered in grass. Not sure how enclosed they were for a toddler so maybe worth checking this out. These apartments are just passed the Hotel Illa D`or and very close to the sea - about 150m so very convenient. You should be able to see the sea from them. The Villas Singala are also an excellent choice and are in fact the same road from the Lord Jim, with the sea behind you, look back up to the mountains and the lane the other side of the Formentor Road are the Villa Singala which are a quiet residential area of bungalows. Friends of mine rent out number 50 on this website which is 2 beds and very confortable with a nice safe enclosed terraced garden for a young child. they have many repeat clients which is a good sign. Hope that this information helps you with your choice. Jan

mitchel marie 02-12-2005 04:33

lordjim apartments
We have stayed on the top floor in lordjim apartments and they are very spacious. but on the ground floor the front gardens are not that enclosed so you would need to check this with the owner, also someone on the ground floor has a little dog that is a bit naughty so I think I would check this out if you are going to book.
The location is good just behind the illador and the bonaza is good for a drink and a snack they have a really good party night on a fridays live music and food.and the boys are brothers and very friendly and welcoming. I like this location so check out the mybca as well these are fairly new.

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