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Enjay 02-09-2016 13:54

Booking for 2017
We'vs been reading here about hotels and aparthotels already nearly fully booked for next year.
We have booked for our main break in August but last week when we attempted a short booking - on the internet - for May, our choice indicated that it was fully booked. I then went on directly to the aparthotel's website and started scanning through random weeks right through from April to November and the result was "Sold" for every room type !?!?!?
I then e-mailed them directly and got the reply that next year's pricing had not been done yet and I would see the options after 9th Sept. 2016.
So, I'm wondering, are enquiries returning a false message of "sold" because we are jumping the gun? The resort is only just coming out of this year's high season period.

Molt de Renou 02-09-2016 14:13

If you were a cynic, which I am sure that, like me, you are not, you would probably think that they are gauging by how much they can increase their prices for the coming season.

The real reason must be that they haven“t yet updated to Windows 10.

Enjay 02-09-2016 14:20

Cynic? Moi?

portrobin 02-09-2016 17:03

Enjay. out of interest are you talking about Mar Senses as I have had the same response from them.

Enjay 02-09-2016 19:56

No it wasn't, but your having the same response does seem to suggest that perhaps the problem is not a booking stampede after all. Having said that Spain, Portugal and Italy should expect another bumper year after the problems in Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia and Greece. I believe even Cyprus is fearing a downturn.
As with any commercial enterprise the holiday businesses must be trying to gauge how to maximise their returns by careful consideration to their pricing..... which would suspend advance booking opportunities, presumably.

Rangers1 03-09-2016 06:29

We have booked a break in PP for the week leading up to Easter in a front line hotel no problem at all.:)

Sherberts 05-09-2016 13:24

Having exactly the same issue and I'm looking at private apartments direct with the owners. Some of the apart hotels that I've looked at directly are also stating ridiculous prices of €5000 on a 1 bed room only basis for a family of 4, no flight!! We rented a 2 bed apartment direct with the owner this year for £1300 but they were already fully booked for next year when we went. So I'm struggling too.

Gommar Goffer 06-09-2016 10:51

Crickey - £1300 for a 2 bed!! I struggle to get £700 for a 4 bed apt. Trouble is everyone wants to be 2 meters from the beach! :D

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