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SimonButlerPhotography 29-08-2013 18:30

Our Apartment in Puerto Pollensa
Last week my 12 year old son and I stayed in a lovely apartment and I wanted to write a quick review to highlight this. Unfortunately I am not allowed to say what the actual name of the apartment is - if you would like to know PM me.

The apartment was booked on here http://www.puertopollensa.com/rentals/. The owner was friendly and very helpful during our email correspondence and arranged for an earlier check-in time for us.

The apartment is on C/ Mendez Nuņez on top of the British Food Shop and opposite the Flora Apartments. The Pine Walk and beach were only a 5 minute walk away so the location was pretty much perfect for us.

There were 2 Spars within 2 minutes walk, the BFS was obviously just downstairs and Multi-Hire was next door. Next door to Multi-Hire was a lovely bar called the Music Bar that I can thoroughly recommend. €2.50 for a nice white wine and a mineral water was a bargain and we had lots of fun on the pool table and table football, especially as they were only €1 per game.

Inside, the apartment was very comfortable and for a 2 bed apartment was very big and airy. The bedrooms both had a/c but the rest of the apartment was relatively cool even though it was 30+ deg C outside. Unusually for me I forgot to take any photos of the apartment inside but the photos on the advert are a very fair reflection of what the apartment looked like.

The balcony was lovely. It was pretty big and looked out over the Flora Apartments and the mountain behind. And you could just about see the sea in the distance stuck your head out over the railings and looked right into the distance! We ate out here lots of times and we also enjoyed games of cards in the evening while I drank a glass (or 2) of wine. I wish I was sat there now, it was a lovely spot.


The only slight negative was that we could hear the "entertainment" from Flora on the balcony each lunchtime (Gangnam Style every day started to grate) and also in the evening (bingo on one night, a really poor Elvis tribute act on another). But the view and ambiance more than made up for that.

There was one major advantage to being so close to the Flora Apartments though - we could pick up their Wi-Fi in the lounge and on the balcony. So for just €22 per device we could connect for 1 week. download speeds were a very respectable 3-4 MB/sec as well.

The balcony didn't seem to get much sun which was perfect for us but if you are a sun worshipper you might be disappointed.

The shared pool was at the back of the apartment block. It was never that busy so Jonny and I were able to muck around in it without getting in anyone's way. The general surroundings around the pool did look a little tatty but it was fine for us.

All in all, this was a lovely apartment that I can thoroughly recommend.

roig cat 29-08-2013 20:03

Hi Simon, I've enjoyed reading all your posts; looking forward to next years instalments already!

Papillon 30-08-2013 11:52

Great to see you enjoyed yourself Simon but I feel uncomfortable with using the forum as a Trip Advisor.

Giving publicity to one apartment seems inappropriate on a site that until now has treated advertisers equally and I am not sure in the present climate that it is very wise.

If favourable comments are posted then we can expect unfavourable comments in the future, where does the forum draw the line?

Treading on dangerous ground albeit with the best of intentions.

Sparky 30-08-2013 11:59

Papillon, as you will see the property name has been removed from Simon's post.

Belladonna 30-08-2013 12:24

You are right Papillon. We have had this discussion before and it was decided that private rental recommendations would not be posted.

To be fair to Simon, this was discussed before he joined so there would be no way he was aware of it. Sounds like you had a lovely time though Simon! ;)

Nick 30-08-2013 20:22

I'm puzzled. What's wrong with posting a favourable comment about a venue you've stayed at??? How different is it to commenting on a restaurant or bar etc?? And we all know how certain restaurants are idolised on here. Bemused, or maybe I've misunderstood?

MairiCladach 30-08-2013 23:44

Yep, I have to agree with nickpaulanoah completely. How can it be it 'inappropriate' or 'dangerous' to share balanced reviews of accommodation, when the forum focuses massively on and actively seeks detailed restaurant/bar reviews and Top 5 ratings? These then hardly offer any guarantee of equality, fairness or transparency on the part of the contributors if you take papillon's view. What has kept the forum welcoming and attractive to me is the pervading ethos of mutual respect and trust, and faith that the forum members are not out to promote/slate any one business in a sneaky or underhand fashion. :(

I certainly appreciate Simon's apartment review, thank you, and glad you had a great break with your son :)

Papillon 31-08-2013 07:02

My concern is that most apartments don't have a licence for "touristic rentals" and any publicity of this sort could lead to a knock on the door by the tourism police who are in the area.

It is a sensitive time at the moment for all apartment owners.

All restaurants are licenced.

Once you allow individual apartments to be reviewed you have no idea who is doing the review, it could be the apartment owner for all you know.

Best to limit to "stayed in a wonderful apartment in Pinaret" etc.:)

slipalong & lola 31-08-2013 07:56

appt reccomendation
Take your point Papillion. If I read a report of and unnamed appt that I liked the sound of ,I would contact the poster for more details anyway, but to be honest if they are not licenced they should be. What I wonder would be the implications if you suffered any injury caused by bad maintenece of the property, would your insurance cover you?

Tiggy 31-08-2013 08:33

Sorry guys you cannot have your cake and eat it .... quote from Simon from his arrival post where the name is there for all to see !!!! We are staying at the ............. which we booked on here

pansy potter 31-08-2013 08:44

Sorry Tiggy can you expand a little not sure what you mean by the last comment ?

Tiggy 31-08-2013 09:44

I cant see why Simon cannot give an honest appraisal of a property on this forum and name it especially as he stated he booked via the forum and named it in his first post titled -Day 1 of Simon & Jonny's holiday-this has not been edited so it smacks of censorship to me ...but then that my opinion.. does this help Pansy ?
Maybe I will change my logging name to Thinkpol said with tongue firmly in cheek

pollensa 31-08-2013 09:55

This thread is now going off topic so please restrict any further comments to Simon's actual post.

To give you all some background, the subject of individual reviews of properties advertised on the Main Web Site Rent Villas Apartments in Puerto Pollensa (Port de Pollenca), Majorca (Mallorca) was raised a while back and we decided at the time that they would not be appropriate for this forum. Several forum members who are also advertisers on the web site PuertoPollensa.com contacted me and were very concerned. Having seen some of the reviews on other sites & some 'attempted' posts on this forum, it is impossible to verify the information or the motives of the poster concerned. In addition we have over 250 properties advertised on the Main Web Site and we wish to give them all an equal amount of exposure.

I'm not for a moment suggesting that Simon's post is not genuine but these are the guidelines that we are following.

To get back to the original subject, if anyone is interested in having more information on where Simon stayed, please do send him a PM.

(Tiggy, the actual name of the apartment was removed with Simon's permission.)

1999 31-08-2013 09:55

Keep the posts coming Simon........I for one really enjoy reading them........As for Papillon,s comments........this forum should not be used to defend illegal activities through censorship.

Sparky 31-08-2013 10:38

There is a thread about the legal/illegal letting of apartments here :- http://www.forum.puertopollensa.com/...ort-group.html, can we please keep comments here just about Simon's post on how happy he was with his accommodation, thank you :).

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