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MairiCladach 14-07-2011 13:14

euro exchange rate

I know the markets are very hard to predict but I'd appreciate any advice on whether we should wait to buy our euros. The rate offered today by ICE and Fairfx is pretty good (1.115), but is that likely to rise - or fall - over the next week or so? I can't make much sense of the financial news at the moment!



Harters 14-07-2011 16:38


Originally Posted by MairiCladach (Post 61702)
but is that likely to rise - or fall - over the next week or so?

Who can guess? Currency exchange is always a gamble. Either way, you're only going to lose or gain a tiny amount of money over the course of a holiday.

Personally, I only ever take a small amount of local currency whenever I travel and then use an ATM as at home.

cumberland8 14-07-2011 21:46

thatS not a bad rate, ICE have been consistently top exchange in the uk for over a month now ,using credit cards or ATMs is just giving the banks extra commission(up to 18.00 in every 100.00) but it dOes mean a money belt.
Remember cash is King in Mallorca

Smiddy 17-07-2011 13:43

Currency speculation should be left to the experts, I tend to follow my instincts, if i see a rate i fancy, i go for it! I now tend to load everything on to one of the pre-paid cards before i go and that's it settled one way or the other. Apart from the odd flucuation the rate has hovered around the 1.10 mark for the last 18 month, and as the previous poster said it won't make a great deal of difference over the course of a holiday. My advice would be to have a good read at the advice given by many on this board and make your money go further once you get there! It will save you far, far more than any rate changes.

Harters 17-07-2011 14:51

Talk about rip-offs!

I was at Manchester airport yesterday, waiting for my companion in life to return from holiday. Spotted the rate being offered by the currency kiosk.


This is NOT a typo.

Gommar Goffer 18-07-2011 12:36

Sterling is creeping up again against the euro - 1.145 from my currency exchange but still very volatile - just keep an eye on the rates and grab a good one if you see it

sws97sdg 06-08-2011 16:07

Up and down but just got 1.114 at Debenhams which I thought was ok

Lorenzo 06-08-2011 16:12

exchange rate
Yes, I used Debenhams bureau de change when we went out in July - and they had the best rate I could find at the time. :)

sws97sdg 06-08-2011 16:23

Yes that's what I found I used M&S before as they were surpossed to be the best but they were only 1.08 today

smg 06-08-2011 21:44

sainsburys online not been too bad, + nectar point bonus

Sparky 07-08-2011 00:30

The travel agent on C/Formentor were offering 1.12 today.

whaleywanderer 07-08-2011 11:08


Originally Posted by sparky (Post 62917)
The travel agent on C/Formentor were offering 1.12 today.

Is this rate with or without commision though?:rolleyes:

CathB 07-08-2011 11:23

Travel House (for those in South Wales) offering 1.12 yesterday (no commission)

cumberland8 18-08-2011 17:05

Ice Waterloo 1.13, nice fella on Formantor road 1.10 today.

majprop 19-08-2011 15:45

The exchange rate for this moment in time today stands at 1.1460. Quite a jump from yesterdays rate.

bluenose1411 01-09-2011 20:38

what are current euro rates over there coming over sunday

Sparky 01-09-2011 20:46

Around 1.11 today.

joey36 09-09-2011 13:59

Travel FX 1.1350 today Best for a few weeks.

cumberland8 22-10-2011 08:08

1.13 ice Waterloo Station, best rate.

med777 23-10-2011 23:10


My September holiday statement is just in for my SAGA Platinum credit card.
It carries no annual fee and no charge for use in the EU. There is also no commission charged. The lowest exchange rate I got was 1.14 and the highest 1.16 but the majority of the purchases were 1.15. I always pay in Euros, never pounds ( and if u keep the docket they give u with the 's or Euro's it is an eye opener when u compare with the statement rate.)
Meanwhile my OH was exchanging cash and getting about 1.06.
This is a very handy card to have when traveling !


Charles 28-10-2011 13:55

Exchange Rates
After comparing exchange rates I find the best place to change money
is Sainsburys who offer a better rate if you use a nectar card

cumberland8 28-11-2011 23:36

1.15 at ICE Waterloo station today, going up slightly.

joey36 14-12-2011 14:51

1.1730 today Travel FX.

sws97sdg 14-12-2011 15:59

Even better, the euro visa rate, the rate they use to work out cash withdrawals is even higher, great news. :)

Currencies fluctuate every day. The rate shown applies to transactions processed by Visa Europe on 13 December 2011 with a currency conversion fee of 0.00%.

1 British Pound = 1.177010 Euro

gers1873 14-12-2011 23:54

changed cash today for 1.17 to the in a local pawn shop, our bank RBS were only offering 1.13, dont tell her indoors i went to the pawn though :D miserable as sin i am :p

clinkham 15-12-2011 01:48


Originally Posted by gers1873 (Post 66493)
changed cash today for 1.17 to the in a local pawn shop, our bank RBS were only offering 1.13, dont tell her indoors i went to the pawn though :D miserable as sin i am :p

I thought for an 'orrible moment you were saying you'd pawned 'er indoors!:eek: Time I went to bed

majprop 15-12-2011 10:17

Spot rate this morning is 1.1824 !!

sws97sdg 15-12-2011 10:29

Wahoo...lets hope it hits 1.20 over Christmas and the new year for everyone going away :)

JMD40 15-12-2011 22:38

Or not for those of us going to UK for Xmas. Cant please everyone I suppose.

tornedos rossini 29-12-2011 16:40

Tesco credit card offers a great rate, delivers cash to your door in a two hour specified time slot, free of charge over 500, no interest to pay if you clear the debt on your next statement date and you get Clubcard points - beat that.

cumberland8 09-01-2012 16:51

Yes ICE Waterloo station 1.21. Fill yer boots folks it wont last long & its not likely to go up much more.

pollensa 09-01-2012 17:12

Currencies Direct have 1.21 - see Foreign Currency in Majorca - Euros but this is really aimed at ex-pats who want to transfer large amounts. Travelex have 1.18 for their Cash passport (& cash) - so worth getting one loaded up!

Gommar Goffer 09-01-2012 18:39

Smart currencies (who I use for my import euro payments) forcast that the will get to 1.25 buy the middle of the year and around 1.28 by the end of the year - but things can go down as well as up;)

roig cat 10-01-2012 19:04

This will make such a big difference for those of us who self cater and can only be good for restaurant owners in PP. We will most definately eat out more and less of our dosh will go to Eroski and Lidl!
Our spending money budget hasn't changed for a few years now and we have found we have had to eat in more often than not since the pound fell back in 2008.

slipalong & lola 29-03-2012 21:40

Just had a fair deal from Tesco on line. 500.+ paid e1.17 no commission, delivered 24hrs.

gers1873 29-03-2012 22:41

called our bank rbs today and offered 1.14, got 1.18 in a pawn shop in glasgow today, dont tell mrs gers i was in a pawn shop though :D

sws97sdg 30-03-2012 08:52

The visa exchange rate that cash machine withdrawals are worked out on was 1.20 yesterday, still not too bad and much better than it was at the end of last year!

cumberland8 30-03-2012 17:43

Correct me if I am wrong but Visa will charge you on your bill for that transaction?.

sws97sdg 30-03-2012 17:46

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sws97sdg 30-03-2012 17:48

Depends on where you card is from I think, M&S were offering 1.14 today which isn' t so good
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