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cumberland8 09-01-2012 16:51

Yes ICE Waterloo station 1.21. Fill yer boots folks it wont last long & its not likely to go up much more.

pollensa 09-01-2012 17:12

Currencies Direct have 1.21 - see Foreign Currency in Majorca - Euros but this is really aimed at ex-pats who want to transfer large amounts. Travelex have 1.18 for their Cash passport (& cash) - so worth getting one loaded up!

Gommar Goffer 09-01-2012 18:39

Smart currencies (who I use for my import euro payments) forcast that the will get to 1.25 buy the middle of the year and around 1.28 by the end of the year - but things can go down as well as up;)

roig cat 10-01-2012 19:04

This will make such a big difference for those of us who self cater and can only be good for restaurant owners in PP. We will most definately eat out more and less of our dosh will go to Eroski and Lidl!
Our spending money budget hasn't changed for a few years now and we have found we have had to eat in more often than not since the pound fell back in 2008.

slipalong & lola 29-03-2012 21:40

Just had a fair deal from Tesco on line. 500.+ paid e1.17 no commission, delivered 24hrs.

gers1873 29-03-2012 22:41

called our bank rbs today and offered 1.14, got 1.18 in a pawn shop in glasgow today, dont tell mrs gers i was in a pawn shop though :D

sws97sdg 30-03-2012 08:52

The visa exchange rate that cash machine withdrawals are worked out on was 1.20 yesterday, still not too bad and much better than it was at the end of last year!

cumberland8 30-03-2012 17:43

Correct me if I am wrong but Visa will charge you on your bill for that transaction?.

sws97sdg 30-03-2012 17:46

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sws97sdg 30-03-2012 17:48

Depends on where you card is from I think, M&S were offering 1.14 today which isn' t so good
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cumberland8 30-03-2012 19:40

We had a fascinating conversation in a rather long plane que back from Palma where a couple were arguing over a recent Euro exchange rate , a gent behind us who worked in that particular money field intervened & went on to explain to the couple that because they were using a certain debit card it worked out because of hidden charges, exchange rates ect for every 100 nicker they exchanged 14.00 went to the bank.Several people then asked him what they would be paying on their various cards, 18.50 was the highest.
I find it quite shocking that we have to give all this money over to the -ankers just to change our hard earned, but as the Gent explained the Brits appear to be totally blind when going on holidays & get shafted every time.

clinkham 30-03-2012 22:06

Full explanation of which cards to use and which to avoid. i.e. which charge you and which don't. on the Martin Lewis site, below.
Loads of other advice as well, with a note that there is currently 10% off all Jet2 return flights booked by April 2nd ) for flights till April 2013(except to New York:eek:)

Money Saving Expert: Credit Cards, Shopping, Bank Charges, Cheap Flights and more

cumberland8 03-04-2012 20:05

Useful stuff Captain Clink.

cumberland8 16-04-2012 19:54

Up to 1.21 Euros at ICE Waterloo today, I suspect it wont go up much more & is predicted to fall just before Summer , typical!

Sparky 16-04-2012 20:39

Hope you have stocked up Cumberland ;).

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