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P&C@29 28-03-2019 09:57

euro rate
The pound euro rate back on 28/03/2018 was 1.13 now with all this brexit trouble it's 1.169, so much for scare mongering ( let's have more and get it to 1.25 please).

Hanser 28-03-2019 11:13

I have just bought enough Euros to get us through until the Autumn.

Although the rate might get better, it's already higher than it's been since May 2017. I reckon there's a risk it could go down significantly (but perhaps only for a few months) when/if the PM steps down, European & General Elections, etc.

PollensaRuss 02-04-2019 08:53

We transferred a chunk when it was 1.171 last week - it was nice to see it back up in a reasonable range again after suffering 1.10 on our last transfer.

I think I spend more time watching the euro rate than working these days!:(

P&C@29 13-12-2019 11:18

Now worth € 1.20 hopefully increasing.

Teacu 09-03-2020 19:15

Can anyone explain why Sterling has recently deteriorated so badly against the Euro ?

Gp1602 09-03-2020 19:44

I think it is because there is market panic about the coronavirus outbreak that has prompted significant falls in stocks and oil. Italy is one of the UKs top trading partners and so this relationship has been hit hard due to quarantine in areas of Italy and I think as the virus gains momentum in the U.K. markets will be hit further.

Rockape 10-03-2020 10:05


Originally Posted by Teacu (Post 129221)
Can anyone explain why Sterling has recently deteriorated so badly against the Euro ?

The Pound-to-Euro exchange rate has fallen sharply amidst a global stock market sell-off that started in late February, which has seen global investors liquidate holding of stocks and repatriate capital into euros.

The Euro has over recent years become a favoured currency to fund stock market investments as Eurozone interest rates remain at record lows; we are now witnessing a substantial return of borrowed capital into the Eurozone.

Sparky 10-03-2020 10:44

All the hysteria over the coronavirus outbreak has had a major effect :(.

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