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Labore 09-02-2015 14:18

Exchange rates always drop as a general election approaches due to uncertainty in the market so might be an idea to buy currency now if you can afford to if travelling in March, April or May.

whaleywanderer 24-02-2015 11:35

There must have been some good financial news, just checked and the interbank rate is 136.63 euros to the pound. A good time to get your holiday spends, shop around though for the best tourist rates.

Nick 24-02-2015 11:39

Glad I'm not with the "Bank of Cumberland"!!!

meg1973 24-02-2015 12:48

can order on line with fair fx and get 1.3395 for a pound , used them in the past #

meg1973 27-02-2015 12:42

today on fair fx 1 will get you euro1.3525 online , that's the best its ever been in years
used them several times

Papillon 28-02-2015 18:15

Talking to a German economist recently and he believes the euro will lose 3 cents a month to Sterling during the monthly quantitive easing. As this continues till September 2015 you can see why many are predicting rates of 1.5 to 1.55 by the end of the summer.

whaleywanderer 10-03-2015 10:20

The to exchange rate reached 140.00 this morning, first time since 2008.:)

meg1973 10-03-2015 10:36

can buy online 1.3665 for a pound fair fx

meg1973 11-03-2015 10:36

online today euro 1:3875 to the pound @ fair fx

Mark 11-03-2015 11:12

Baydon hill morning email offering 1.4136 at 09:55 AM:

checked online at 10:04 AM and the rate was 1.4203


(We use them with my business to send euro payments to companies in Europe as the rates are good and there are no fees for us to send money :) )

meg1973 11-03-2015 16:56

is this for business only ?

meg1973 11-03-2015 16:58

just saw its for interbank rates etc , not for private individuals

sws97sdg 11-03-2015 18:17

Wish I had the money to buy a place now instead of waiting! I make it around 25% more euros for your money, thats a hell of a lot against a property purchase!

pollensa 11-03-2015 18:56

And Currencies Direct offering 1.4170 just now!

roig cat 11-03-2015 23:50

Its the rate you get if using a debit card at cash machines. I never take any euros just draw it out when i get there. Of course my debit card (santander zero) lets me do it for free.

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