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pollensa 20-05-2008 12:34

How to pack - some great tips
Following on from our discussion about Cabin Baggage, I attended a fascinating workshop last night on holiday packing (very sad!). It was run by our local CMB (Colour Me Beautiful) lady - if you've never 'had your colours done' ladies, it's a must! Fortunately she & I have the same colours (Warm Spring) so I regularly just buy what she does.

Anyway, this how it went.

She had with her what was supposedly all she needed for 2 weeks in the sun. Her 'hold' luggage consisted of a small carpet bag (very Mary Poppins) & much smaller than the dimensions for Cabin bags plus an even smaller carry-on bag.

Into both of these she managed to 'pack' (more on technique later) the following:

Everything was co-ordinated in 'her' colours which consisted of neutrals (white, brown, stone/beige) plus aqua (a light turquoise), coral pink & light yellow & green (so nothing boring here!)

2 pairs of linen trousers & 2 pairs of shorts/cropped trousers in neutral colours,
2-3 dresses,
2 skirts,
7 t-shirts/vest tops in all the colours,
5-6 evening tops - light-weight floaty tops, some plain, some patterned in all her colours
2 cardigans (yellow & aqua)
mac - see this brilliant one at New Look in brown or black http://www.newlook.co.uk/1396166/139...ctDetails.aspx
sandals/flip flops, evening shoes
evening bag containing jewellery (5-6 sparkly & bead necklaces in all her colours)
underwear & nightwear
travel hairdryer

Various (but only essential) Cosmetics in mini/sample sizes

Makeup consisted of:
One CMB large palette with 8 eye shadows (to mix & match) & bronzer
3 eye pencils
1 lip pencil, 2 lipsticks & 2 lip gloss (can use on cheeks too!)
set of mini-brushes
mini-pots foundation & tinted moisturiser

For travelling, she recommended wearing layers, your heaviest shoes e.g. trainers & taking one of the cardigans & the mac

In the Carry-on bag were the pashmina, some underwear & bikini, evening bag containing the jewellery, the toiletries (in clear plastic bag), the makeup, camera, mobile phone, sunglasses, purse, passports, tickets etc.

& then the packing technique:

First put heavy items at the bottom & put heeled shoes in a shoe bag.

Then put the groups of clothes (as listed above) into piles.

For each pile e.g. the trousers/shorts, roll them up starting at one of the short sides so that you have a shortish, fat sausage shape (hope this makes sense) & squash into the bag. Do this with all the sausages. If anything gets really creasy, you can separate the layers with tissue paper. When you arrive hang up everything & hang anything creased in the bathroom, turn on the hot taps/shower & fill the room with steam - creases should fall out.

So whether I really stick to these rules is another matter - but it was fascinating! :cool:

JH02JLH 20-05-2008 13:22

It does sound fascinating and thanks for sharing it with us! I'd heard about rolling up clothes into sausages but I've never tried it.

Judging by what your lady packs, I take far too much!

That was really interesting!


LK1960 20-05-2008 17:08

Thanks Pollensa. That was a really interesting read. You've got me wondeing what my colours are and whether any of my clothes actually suit me at all!

I'm very tempted to try the sausage thing when I'm packing in July but no doubt I'll chicken out!


Lala70w 20-05-2008 19:35

I might be a sad, sad person but...
....that is always how I pack. :o I usually plan mix and match things with military precision too so that I don't take too much! :o

My Dad was a drapers salesman for Austin Reed for years and taught me the rolling trick - works a treat I promise. For smart jackets such as a lounge suit you fold them in half lining out with the sleeves inside and then roll - I do this on business trips.

My best tip though is split half of your things (in co-ordinated outfits/ shoes etc) between you and your partner's cases. That way if one goes missing you still have things to wear. Or you could just chuck all his things out and have 2 cases fullof lovely stuff! :p

Brooksy 21-05-2008 13:56

How to pack
I've used this way of packing since my dad showed me in the 1970's. It really does save space, but the temptation is to pack more, which is always a problem for me!


peter 09-09-2008 12:13

pack light you dont need as much as in cold climate

Smiddy 19-01-2009 15:04

Im bringing my thermals for my week in February
be prepared thats my motto

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