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robjay 01-06-2005 18:39

Mr Chuckle's evil revenge
Hi Pollensa,
I was on the forum yesterday afternoon and tried to post to a few threads (you know me :o ) and kept getting error messages then my Anti-virus program kicked in. At the time I was only on this forum. It may be worth everybody's time to just run their anti-virus programs just in-case.

I read the ezboard message last night when I got in from work 11:30 ish until mind-night ish I looked at all the recent posts and some old ones, then logged on again just now, between these times we seem to have lost a lot of messages that were there last night.

We know this is outside your control. And we all know you are doing a fantastic job. Look on the bright side most of the drivel I posted has gone!:rollin .

Conspiracy theory No1

Hang on maybe this is just a hoax and maybe someone :evil just wanted to make it look this way. When underneath it all it was just a way to delete my posts:o :eek :eek :eek . Maybe just maybe it's Mr Chuckles:evil , is he out to reek his evil revenge on me?:rollin .

Take care and if we have lost most of our forums, so what, we can always just start them up all over again. Can't we folks.

Rob x

pollensa 01-06-2005 18:42

Hopefully they will all be restored - it might just take a while, so hang in there!

robjay 01-06-2005 19:03

Conspiracy theory No2
We'll hang on in there pollensa, don't worry.

Mean while back at my control center a "mole" from ezboard has contacted me and informed me that ezboard was attacked and the ransom note read as follows........
" Ezboard, this is Mr chuckles, yesterday I attacked the Puerto Pollensa forum. Not because of RobJay's comments about my evil empire and desires for PP wide domination (although his theory is correct hahahahahaha:evil ). But in fact my attack was fuel by something far worse than that!>: . The reason for my attack...........................JANE'S JOKES!!!!. If she repeats these jokes I shall return!!! hahahahahaha:evil .
Yours Mr Chuckles"

Now be it far from me to try and say my source (Codename: deep throat) knows what he is talking about. But Jane humor is a dangerous weapon when it comes to PP wide domination. He must have felt threatened by you and your ability to make people laugh ( ok ok smile).

Be careful out there folks

Agent Jay

Puertokid 01-06-2005 21:58

Re: Conspiracy theory No2
I think someone desperately needs a holiday in PP. :lol

JH02JLH 02-06-2005 03:07

Re: Conspiracy theory No2
Hello Rob

Thanks for making me laugh - I only hope it wasn't my jokes that were the final straw.

However, I'm really sad and angry as well - because of the hackers a lot of posts that are here to help people have disappeared. Posts that members have taken the time to write to help people travelling to PP have a great time.

And that's just our forum - I dread to think how many have been affected.

I just hope that the messages are restored. If not, I've got an awful lot of posting to do to restore the now empty Wine section!!

I did think the message from the EZBoard team was good, though, and I'm sure they're doing their best to put things right again.


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