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tailhook21 16-07-2006 02:53

I know, it's all been said before in the pages of this forum, but this really is an excellent site; not least, because it is 'policed' (dare I say!) the way all forums should be. I have to admit, I have found that a bit frustrating at times on the Pollensa forums, but when I sat back and thought about it, I realised it was done for all the right reasons. The fact that this forum remains as popular as it does (you only have to look at the overall 'hits'), is proof enough that the admin team are right on the money.
So I say thanks for facilitating the various sections; where the best dentist hangs out, the super meals are to be had and the endless suggestions about how to get to Soller (!); all are appreciated and none are a waste. The forum contributors, who take the time to 'two finger' the keyboard, are all to be saluted, it has given me, not only, lots of very useful information butalso many nights of good old fashioned FUN!
A million years ago, I was a Navy pilot and overflew PP/Alcudia, inbound to Palma, it struck me even then that a little bit of Shrangri La had broken off and fallen into the Med......

Thanks to all...;)


robjay 16-07-2006 02:54

Welcome to the forum Tailhook21. I look forward to many many more post from you and all the newbies.
I agree with you about the "policed" forum and I think you have summed up many other members views and feelings in your words.
Take care.


pollensa 16-07-2006 17:57

Thanks very much for the positive feedback.

But do remember that the 'forums' are really only a part of puertopollensa.com The main pages of the web site (that pay our living costs...) are on www.puertopollensa.com and can be accessed via the titles in the left-hand column.

To see their popularity see www.puertopollensa.com/stats/visitorstats.html so thank you for your support everyone!


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