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JMD40 30-04-2007 00:39

Hello there, just thought I would say how nice it has been to log onto this forum this week and find lots of new topics and new members and no undertones. I am fortunate enough to live here in PP and often logged on to answer members queries but I stopped logging on about 6 months ago when I got tired of certain members and their views. Keep up the great work as it is such an interesting and helpful forum. In fact I found out this week from the site that the Halifax was coming here and I was a bit dubious about the facts but then last night I went passed the site and saw the familiar X on the signage - not to mention the rather eerie blue fluorescent lighting which covers the pavememt and all who wallk past!!
Hope to chat to lots of you over the coming months - heres to a great summer - for those in Uk you may be pleased to know it is rather miserable here today with heavy cloud, light rain and storms!

sandy 30-04-2007 15:37

So nice to have you back again JMD40. There are a few of us on the site who intend to move out to PP soon and its great having someone who is already in situ, who may be in the know, now that Mallorcaboy has left.

pinewalkstroll 30-04-2007 22:48

Welcome back JMD40 and well said sandy !

JMD40 01-05-2007 03:08

Aaah, how nice, thank you. Always great to help anyone out who is trying to find their feet in lovely PP whether for a holiday or for a longer stay. Shame there was no-one to help me out over 20 years ago but then there were only a few of us, when I took that brave step - I suppose I was only interested in the beach and bars then as a wee girl!!:rollin . Great name, by the way, pinewalkstroll. Shall try to keep in touch but I tend to go a couple of weeks being eaten up by work and then when I have a breather I catch up on what I have missed and provide some info - albeit a bit late!!

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