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Tonsyl 20-01-2013 09:48

Watch the information boards at Palma Airport.
Just back from San Antoni and due to no fault of our airline, the snow in England caused chaos with the return flight. Others may know, but we didn't, that the ground handlers at Palma do not post departure information or make any announcements when there are delays until they have a firm departure time, in our case, once the aircraft had left Gatwick on its' way to Palma. For us, the departure information changed from one gate to another several times, "estimated departure" time was altered 5 or 6 times, on 2 occasions up to 30 minutes after the indicated time. Bottom line, do not expect to hear about changes but keep watching the screens as, Palma Airport do not even think passengers like to be kept in touch !

clinkham 20-01-2013 11:59

Or, get the PlaneFinderHD app for your smartphone or iPad and see for yourself when your returning flight has left UK, and indeed, watch it all the way down through France. Its right turn over PP means its time to amble to the gate. Hopefully. Of course this assumes you are sure you know where the return flight is coming from.

The app is fun though. Spent a few evenings last summer on the roof terrace at Bellereguard impressing young grand son by predicting that the the next plane to come into view over the mountains at the back of PP would be an orange one (easyjet), was a number 2 plane (jet2) etc.

Mark 21-01-2013 11:19

It's good fun isn't it watching the incoming flights :)

A screen grab from this morning of an aircraft on final approach. ( Travelling from Barcelona to PMI )

sws97sdg 21-01-2013 11:27

I can vouch for it as well, as we were waiting for the plane on Saturday, a guy in front of us in the queue to board had it on his phone and was keeping the dispatchers in touch with where the plane was, he told them it was over Inca and within a few minutes we heard it pulling up outside the exit to board!!

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