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joelise80 05-09-2012 20:56

Return Flight with Different Airline
Hi helpful forum people!

Can you tell me if there are any risks when flying out with one airline and back with another?

We are currently looking for next May and there are few choices on the day we go but more airlines fly on the day we come home. Never done it this way before...

Apartment is booked in PP though :)

fil6699 05-09-2012 21:13

Hi No problem I do it often as it sometimes saves money or flights are better or I may be returning to a different City or even Country :)

smg 05-09-2012 21:19

can't see any difficulty...which airlines...we're tired of waiting for Easyjet to release summer timetable.....

joelise80 05-09-2012 21:35

Flying out of East Midlands with Jet2 and using loyalty points although still a bit steep price wise with charges :(
Flying back with Monarch.
Just wondering whether to wait to see if prices drop when the orange one and the irish one release their flights for next summer :confused:

Smiddy 05-09-2012 21:55

Absolutely no problems, we do it all the time. No different from getting a bus somewhere and returning on a different one.

PP_Kev 05-09-2012 22:49

Have done it for the last couple of trips, including the one we will be embarking on this month. If you have accomodation sorted it works out best.

We booked our flight to Palma Months ago, and only sorted coming home earlier this week (as much as we didnt want to). Got the return flight for less that 100 for the two of us.

In our opinion, this is the best way of doing it! Especially if you are located in the middle of a couple of different airports, as for this trip we will be flying out from one airport with flybe, and flying home to another with ryanair, keeping options open.

James 05-09-2012 23:01

I've done this many times & will be doing it again in a couple of weeks.

Unless you're flying somewhere in business class (where a one way ticket is often ridiculously charged at a premium higher than the cost of an inflexible return business class ticket on the same flight) there is no downside to picking & choosing between your outward & return airline & good cost savings can be achieved!

Cheap flights | Free flight comparison from Skyscanner.net is always worth a check before booking.

Deanscroft 07-09-2012 09:24

Contary to previous replies there is a slight risk and one that I fell foul of a couple of years ago when Easyjet stopped flying out of EMA. Even though I had booked both out and return flights with Easyjet I only received a refund for the return journey as this was after the date they stopped flying. This happened because I had booked two single flights and not a return so would be the same if booked on different airlines. Only a small risk but worth considering.

meg1973 07-09-2012 09:39

we have done it for the last 4 years out with easy jet home with ryanair or vice a versa
works out cheaper for us anyway and we can stay longer for less money on flights
we are fortunate also we are equidistant between Glasgow and Edinburgh so we can fly from one and come home to another

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