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pollensa 13-12-2011 11:15

More Ryanair Routes expected
"Ryanair is expected to announce plans to expand operations from Majorca and Ibiza in 2012.

Chief executive Michael O’Leary is due to hold a press conference in Palma today (Tuesday) to announce “significant updates” to operations in the Balearic islands, according to local reports.

The carrier’s website shows 22 new routes from Ibiza from March 25 to 27 next year and 21 from Palma including services from Birmingham, Bournemouth, Bristol, Dublin, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Leeds/Bradford, Liverpool, Manchester, Prestwick and Shannon.

Majorca’s airport is the only one in Spain where the no-frills airline does not have a base. Ryanair currently operates from other Spanish airports including Madrid, Barcelona, Girona, Valencia, Alicante, Malaga, Seville, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Tenerife," See Travel Weekly

Sparky 13-12-2011 15:26

I have just read breaking news in the Ultima Hora on-line that Ryanair have announced they are to be based in Palma.

andrew711 13-12-2011 16:47

I think the new routes are to European airports. Ryanair is suggesting it will be taking on the likes of Air Berlin, so not sure that this means very much in UK terms.

pollensa 13-12-2011 17:05

This is the Press Release from Ryanair:

"Ryanair, the world’s favourite airline, today (13th Dec) announced it would open its 49th EU base at Palma Airport in March 2012 with 4 based aircraft operating 47 routes (17 new), delivering 2.8m passengers p.a., and sustaining up to 2,800 Balearic jobs.

In addition to Ryanair’s existing 30 Palma routes, the airline will open 17 new routes from Palma to Aarhus, Cork, Gothenburg, Haugesund, Kaunas, Krakow, Maastricht, Malaga, Magdeburg, Marseille, Oslo, Paris Beauvais, Poznan, Santander, Santiago, Stockholm, and Tampere, all of which go on sale on ryanair.com tomorrow (14th Dec) and bring to 47 the number of routes offered from Palma by Ryanair in summer 2012."

See Ryanair Announces New Palma Base (No 49) for 2012

so although this may mean no additional flights to/from UK, I assume it will be good news for Mallorca residents.

Sparky 13-12-2011 17:23

Yes Zelda it's always good the hear some good news, there has been far too much gloom and doom about lately :D:D.

lollipop 13-12-2011 18:07

Yes it is Zelda, makes holidays in Europe a bit easier. Shame they haven't expanded the Uk network,maybe they will lengthen the season from those airports they do fly from.

Nick 15-12-2011 07:59

Gotta be good news......................................surely ?!

Labore 15-12-2011 22:12

I wonder if this means they will do winter flights to Palma from the UK in 2012 ?

I normally come out to PP every year in between xmas and new year but this year its just far too expensive as there is no competition so I'm stuck at home this year scoffing turkey left overs.

Nick 16-12-2011 07:20

I think they'll be missing a trick if they don't.

andrew711 16-12-2011 09:27

O'Leary has said that unless airport charges are reduced, then the chances of more winter flights seem unlikely. He surely has a point, though. Why pay the same charges in, say, January as apply in August? Must make sense to lower them and get some traffic rather than none.

Belladonna 16-12-2011 11:20

And as we know, they are always sensible! :o It seems that they want an all or nothing situation - which just will NOT work when there is not enough attraction to warrant high prices. Its still a Catch22 situation, and no one is picking up the ball!

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