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Sharonh 06-04-2008 13:42

Easyjet October 2008 flights

I was wondering if anyone had any information regarding what it keeping Easyjet from releasing their October flights?

I was looking at my booking for last Otober and I booked the flights early in March 2007 yet they are still not released for this coming October.

El Gordo 10-04-2008 15:45

Easyjet October Flights
I was under the impression the EJ had reclassified their Summer/Winter split for Palma flights for some reason.

They released the summer schedules in fits and spurts!! catching quite a few of us out when we did not get our usual email in advance of release.

I am assuming they will be published as usual 3 or 4 months before ie June. I was also wondering if this was to do with renegotiations with the airport in Palma.

I also saw on the FAQ on the EJ site that Mallorcans can get a discount on flights to from Palma??Interesting.

Sharonh 10-04-2008 20:13

Thanks for the info Gordon.

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