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lovethepinewalk 22-03-2009 08:39

Real Mallorca football club
first time on the pollensa website.......coming over in April for about the 10th time...so really love the area...would love to see a match in Palma....any info on organised match excursions to and from the ground...tickets, travel ect. many thanks

gers1873 22-03-2009 11:40

i always catch a game when i'm there if real are at home

there are plenty locals travel down for the games, just ask around the bars and one of the locals will let you know where the supporters bus leaves from

there is no need for a ticket as most gates you can pay at, not expensive either compared to the uk, i went to the osasuna game last october and it was 15 euro

few years ago when beckham and mcmanoman were at madrid i went to copa del raya game midweek and entry was 5 euro, great to see all the madrid stars on show at the time

forgot to mention there can be a bit of trouble afterwards with local youths, suggest you try and hook up with locals from pp to keep you right

liz d 22-03-2009 19:22

"No frills" did exsursions to the game from PP last year, they may be worth an email (click on Excursions and days out on the left). They left flyers in our hotel reception. :)

lovethepinewalk 26-03-2009 14:09

Thank you very much Gers & Liz for the prompt reply......I tend to go into JK's Bar for a few beers over the time we are there, so will start the ball rolling from there (no pun intended)......Plus, I will try the excursions as you suggested Liz.....

Thanks for the info about the trouble after the game Gers........I will certainly stay with the coach group.....

Cheers once again....

sws97sdg 26-03-2009 15:37

Just for your info, they are playing away the weekend of the 5th of April. Home to Almeria on the weekend of the 12th, away on the 19th, home on the 22nd to Valladolid, away the next week and then home to Getafe on the weekend of the 3rd of May. Shame you will not be there on the 17th of May, home match against the mighty Barca.

ray 27-03-2009 09:06

nofrills were charging 46euros last year for ticket including transport. Don't forget with all the hotel pickups it can take two hours each way to the match and they're usually 9pm kickoffs. I think Gers was unlucky as generally the atmosphere is a good family one with no hassle. If you get a hire car it's only a 30minute drive to thge ground and easy to get to with plenty of parking

stev1em 27-03-2009 13:34

I am over in the summer,and being an avid football fan, I would be interested in looking in or around the stadium.
Is it worth seeing and/or are there any tours around the stadium as such??

ray 27-03-2009 20:47

No tours that I know of. Only a 24000 capacity. Not terribly interesting away from match days. The team are looking to develop a new stadium elsewhere in the "British style"

gers1873 29-03-2009 11:06

the trouble i experianced at a couple of games was mainly with teenagers, and i was told it was not rival fans at each other but youths from differant areas of mallorca fighting, nothing like the running battles we get here in the uk though

theres not much to see at the stadium itself, very uninteresting really just a big lump of ugly concrete, theres not really a great atmosphere at the games either, usually only about 20,000 at the games and with the stands being so far away from the pitch and being uncovered other than the main stand it can be very quiet at times

easy to drive to and park at from pp, i usually just follow signs on palma motorway for andratx and the ground is well signposted there after

sws97sdg 19-10-2011 08:42

Real Mallorca go international in style

Palma.—The new initiative was launched last weekend in Palma by the President of the TUI Travel Group Michael Frenzel and German Real Mallorca shareholder and board member Utz Claassen.
It is all part of a plan to broaden Mallorca´s international feel.
Claassen said that he wanted to open up the club to the thousands of tourists who come to the island every year. TUI are now selling tickets to see the Club from the stands to the Director´s box.

A TUI spokesman said “it is early days still but we feel that it could be a success. People can now combine their holidays with a visit to see a Spanish first division football match.” Real Mallorca is attempting to increase its gate numbers and tourists are an obvious choice. “We are also interested in forming clubs for non-Spanish supporters,” said a club spokesperson.

There is a strong following for the club in expatriate circles on the island at the moment.

cumberland8 19-10-2011 19:43

Its about time they realized their potential.

sws97sdg 19-10-2011 20:15

Just realised that Real Mallorca are playing Real Madrid next time we are over for St Antoni in January, on the 15th, now that would be a game worth seeing!

sws97sdg 01-06-2014 08:14

Not many posts about Real Mallorca, mainly because they were relegated after these posts and being in the 2nd division they don't get to play the big clubs anymore.
This season again has been a bad one for them, and with one game to go next week there is the real chance of them being relegated from the 2nd division into the wilderness of the equivalent of non league football, a win would see them safe, but unfortunately they are away to Cordoba who are chasing a playoff place for promotion to La Liga! So it doesn't look good I'm afraid, and the chances of going to see Barça or Madrid playing in Mallorca are not looking very good for quite a few years now. Keep your eye on the result next week

STOXIE 01-06-2014 10:01

All very sad-I used to always look at their results and if memory serves me right they were within the top 5 of La Liga two seasons ago with draws against Barca and Real. What has gone wrong?

sws97sdg 01-06-2014 10:12

The usual I think, all your best players get snapped by bigger teams, once you go down the revenue drops an you lose more players etc!! I think they have had money problems, like a lot of clubs, but if the drop down all this gets even worst!

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