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sws97sdg 19-01-2012 17:49

Sant SebastiÓ 2012
Going to the old town tomorrow for the Sant SebastiÓ celabrations, does anyone know the programme for this year

andrew711 19-01-2012 19:04

The procession with the "cavallets" and the standard takes place at 19.30

sws97sdg 19-01-2012 19:06

Brilliant, thanks Andrew, then the bonfire in the square afterwards?

andrew711 19-01-2012 19:20

I guess so. It's years since I attended it. I seem to remember there being a big folk dance as well.

sws97sdg 19-01-2012 19:50

Wow even better, thanks I will report back

sws97sdg 23-01-2012 19:11

Well we did got to the old town, in fact we walked along the new footpath all the way. The fiesta as Andrew said, consists of the procession from the church, followed by mass and then the lighting of the fire and dancing around by the cavallets.
At 7.30 the whole town seemed to have turned out and lined the road across from the square, the standard lead the way carried high, followed by the cavallets swaying in a strange rhythmic dance. Also bag pipes, drums and pipes were next followed by the great and the good in their Sunday best, next came the statue of Sant SebastiÓ, then finally the town band came out playing a mournful tune. They all walked around the town followed by people joining in behind, we also did for a while before heading off for dinner, we thought we would try Trencadora as the town was busy.
After dinner we headed back to the square for a drink, it was busy with people lining the barrier around the bonfire and around 9.15 the fire was lit.



Next everyone came out of the church and filled the square and the two cavallets came out into the area fenced off around the fire and started to dance around even faster and more frantic than before.



It was a strange and highly symbolic display, I will need to look into what it actual all meant, but all in all it was a wonderful way to spend our last night.


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