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Events & Fiestas in Pollensa and Majorca Do you know of any forthcoming events or fiestas? Have you visited any? Let us know.

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Old 29-08-2005, 20:09
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Default Christmas In Mallorca

One of the post that seems to have gone and never reappeared was "Christmas In Mallorca", I copied this from an article in one of my local newspapers. Well I found the paper whilst tidying up.
I discussed reposting it with pollensa whilst out in PP a couple of weeks ago, Yes our thoughts turned to Christmas in August:lol . Problem is I cant remember where she said I should put it:eek :eek :eek . You lot can be so naughty sometimes .
Anybody remember where it was posted before?. I thought it was under "D" for Drivel but Pollensa & Jane thought it was a nice posting.
So as they say watch this space! or where it moves to :rollin :rollin :rollin

Merry christmas 2005 folks!!!!. Yippppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I'm the first one to say it!!!!!:rollin

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Old 30-08-2005, 21:23
Posts: n/a

I can't believe this, it's 30th of august 2005, and 37 people have read this posting already!!!!!:lol .
Chritmas must really be just round the corner right enough!:eek
I have copied most of the article and will post it next. lets hope it stays here until atleast Christmas.

Take care.

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Old 30-08-2005, 21:24
Posts: n/a
Default Pat's Spanish Christmas

Pat Boyle de Merino will be celebrating the festive season in the sunshine. For she now lives on the beautiful island of Mallorca! Pat…….grew up in the town and studied at Galashiels Academy, before going on to establish a singing career at The Royal Scottish Academy of Music in Glasgow. She later married a Spanish hotelier and settled in Mallorca, where she works as Assistant Director of an International school on the island. She continues to enjoy singing and regularly tours with the Balearic University choir. Here Pat describes what it is like to celebrate Christmas in Spain.

“………I was asked recently to compare a Spanish Christmas with a Scottish one.
Certainly, the first and most obvious difference that springs to mind is that Christmas holidays here are usually bathed in brilliant sunshine- a marked contrast to the somewhat “dreich” Christmas weather of my youth in Galashiels!
In the Balearic Islands where I live, snow and ice are virtually unknown, except perhaps on the peaks of the very highest mountain, and on very rare occasions. And so the first obvious difference has to be the good weather!
Growing up as a child in Galashiels, I thought ice and snow were wonderful and sledging and slides great fun…. Now, a little older and not quite as hardy as I used to be, I have become accustomed to the warm and pleasant sunshine of December days in Mallorca.
“Definitely gone soft”, I hear you say!
Whereas Christmas Day in Scotland was always the “main event”, here in Spain “Nochebuena”(Christmas Eve) is more widely celebrated.
It is traditional on that evening for the family to get together over a special meal, followed by a visit to church for the midnight service. Palma’s huge and beautiful cathedral is always packed for the Midnight Mass.
Afterwards, people fill the many cafes and bars to meet friends and enjoy traditional thick hot chocolate and ensaimadas. The atmosphere is happy, and the streets safe for families and friends to mingle freely in the early hours of Christmas Day.
In Spain gifts are generally not exchanged at Christmas, but rather on January 6, the feast of The Three Kings.
On the night of January 5, the three Kings arrive on the island by boat, and are welcomed by crowds of excited children. The Kings ride through the streets on horseback or on camels and throw sweets to the children, all the while surrounded by fireworks, music and decorated floats.
Before bed the little ones leave out a shoe filled with straw, in the hope that the camels will stop at their house, and in return the Kings will leave gifts for the children.
During my very first Christmas in Spain, I was surprised to find no house had a Christmas tree, rather every house had it’s own nativity scene and crib, called “Belen” (Bethlehem). Each year Spanish families lovingly set out the “Belen” which has been passed down through the generations and carefully preserved-indeed some are real works of art.
Nowadays, a Christmas tree is becoming more common, as customs from other countries are absorbed into everyday life.
In recent years, even Santa has become more popular, and some children are lucky enough to receive gifts from both Father Christmas and The Three Kings!.
I would venture to say that Christmas in Spain is less commercialized than it is in Britain, although, it is fast catching up!
New year in Spain is nothing like as boisterous a night as Hogmanay- in fact Scots would find it pretty tame by comparison!
People like to dress formally and go out for dinner and as midnight strikes the traditional “12 lucky grapes” are eaten, one for each chime of the clock, along with a glass of Spanish “Cava” of Champagne.
In the old days I got some strange looks when I used to appear with a bottle in one hand and a lump of coal in the other, refusing fair-haired friends the right to “First-Foot”. But then surely our differences are ultimately what make life so interesting!
Of course I have not forgotten my roots, nor the traditions which made the Christmases of my childhood in Galashiels so very special.
Here within my own family we have maintained those customs, and have adopted many of the new ones as well. It is nice to be able to enjoy the best of both worlds!
And so on that note all that remains for me to say to old friends and neighbors in Galashiels, is “Feliz Navidad!”- A Happy Christmas and a Guid New Year to all! “

Taken from the Border Telegraph December 21,2004
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Old 31-08-2005, 06:59
Posts: n/a
Default Christmas

lovely article Rob
yes the nights are fair drawing in
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Old 31-08-2005, 15:19
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Default Re: Christmas

I like to be a trailburner just a little ahead of the pack:lol .
I can't take the credit for the article, the thnks should go to Pat Boyle de Merino where ever she is in Mallorca.
Thank you Pat.
This is the second time I've posted this article it went missing in the great hack never to return , like a lot of other very interesting posts. luckily I had kept the article and just had to retype it.

Chat soon.

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Old 19-09-2005, 19:33
Posts: n/a
Default Re: Christmas

I really enjoyed reading the article, and have been lucky enough to have spent a fantastic christmas in PP a couple of years ago and many new years lasting until the 6th January. I still say this was my favourite christmas in years, although my family may not entirely agree with me, but they don't have to cook the dinner!We had a fantastic meal on christmas Eve in a very nice restaurant- staff bit grumpy tho lol-any guesses as to where?, followed by lunch christmas day at my favourite restaurant- no guesses there.This really is my favourite time of year in PP, especially, when we have been blessed with warm, sunny weather too.

On visiting Alcampo a few days before the 'big day', I was surprised to see how commercalised Christmas actually is there, everyone was buying trees, and having their gifts wrapped at the free wrapping service.

We had a tree (a tiny one), but just as special as any great big real fir tree and the kids all chose their own decoration which they will always keep as a reminder of christmas in Mallorca.
Went to mass twice but only got to be there for half a service-long story.
All in all had a great time. New Years is good too, and the three kings really enjoyable.

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Old 22-09-2005, 04:00
Posts: n/a
Default Re: Christmas

That sounds so nice pops.we would love to be able to do the same as you sometime. Who knows maybe one day.
Take care.

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