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sws97sdg 07-10-2016 10:58

Sant Antoni 2017
Starting to think about Sant Antoni already, flights booked and now we have booked a penthouse studio on the front next to Diana, so really looking forward to getting over for this fantastic fiesta. This year it is Monday and Tuesday, so great for a week Saturday to Saturday, hopefully more flights this year so no excuses for not getting over if you haven't experienced it yet. 98 days until we fly back :):):cool::):)

smg 07-10-2016 13:48

Fiesta Tuesday night? so best to fly back Weds, or is Monday the party night? Lunch outside if we're lucky with the weather?

Sparky 07-10-2016 14:06

Monday is the main day for partying in the Port, on Tuesday as soon as the tree has been climbed everyone disappears, many head into the old Town as they do the tree in the evening.

snowy2007 07-10-2016 22:22

Great but what are the dates.?

sws97sdg 07-10-2016 23:07

16th and 17th Snowy

snowy2007 07-10-2016 23:24


Originally Posted by sws97sdg (Post 114981)
16th and 17th Snowy

Yes great there are 12 of them in a year
Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec

Sparky 07-10-2016 23:41


Originally Posted by snowy2007 (Post 114983)
Yes great there are 12 of them in a year
Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec

ALWAYS January Snowy :confused:.

sws97sdg 08-10-2016 07:58

Yes January, and it's nice because all the Xmas decorations are still up in Palma and the port, and hopefully the weather will be bright enough to eat outside during the day. Cafe 1919, Marina cafe, el Casanet and the Chinese run one on the front have tables outside.

whaleywanderer 08-10-2016 11:26

Eating breakfast cooked on bbqs on Formentor beach, on the morning of the tree climb is well worth the early get up. Buses provided and a lovely atmosphere. :)

sws97sdg 08-10-2016 13:21

We will try and do that this time, get a bus there

Molt de Renou 08-10-2016 15:58

This year ( 2016 ) I went by car and was surprised how easy it was to park, especially as it was a fine day.

Maybe a car sharing scheme could be organised for those who donīt have access to four wheels.

Sparky 19-12-2016 13:07

The Hustlers will be playing at Nostalgia on the 16th :D.

pansy potter 05-01-2017 11:00

Does anyone know of any restaurants for the Monday night offering special menus for the festival ? We went to el casinet last year and they had a BBQ theme but I think it's different this year , any ideas please :)

Sparky 05-01-2017 13:10

Marina Brasserie doing Arroz Brut, BBQ, fruit and wine for 13€ pp.

sws97sdg 05-01-2017 13:27

Do you know when the mounds of soil will start appearing, we are catching the bus down on the Saturday morning and I am wondering if the bus route will be changed at all? TIA

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