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Sparky 05-01-2017 14:09


Originally Posted by sws97sdg (Post 116193)
Do you know when the mounds of soil will start appearing, we are catching the bus down on the Saturday morning and I am wondering if the bus route will be changed at all? TIA

Nothing has been posted yet but the bus stops could be moved up to the by-pass as they were last year. Here :- https://c4.staticflickr.com/2/1649/2...b20d4d15_z.jpg12491952_800860350024009_4282045286531460866_o by lyn.sparkes, on Flickr

sws97sdg 05-01-2017 16:16

Thanks Sparky, quite a walk to the front, but plenty of places on the way to stop off for refreshments!! :)

Sparky 07-01-2017 13:58

Cafe 63 doing Arroz Brut & BBQ 12 pp.

Sparky 07-01-2017 15:29

Maxim will be offering BBQ, glass of wine or a drink and dessert for 12 pp.

Molt de Renou 07-01-2017 20:37

Are there "public" grills spread around town or are they all privately run ?

Sparky 07-01-2017 20:45


Originally Posted by Molt de Renou (Post 116229)
Are there "public" grills spread around town or are they all privately run ?

There are always lots of grills that anyone can use ;);).

Sparky 09-01-2017 15:41

Derek Holt will be performing at Liberty Kitchen from 4pm-8pm on the 17th after the tree climbing ;).

Sparky 09-01-2017 15:45

Fire and BBQ at Norai on the 16th.

Molt de Renou 09-01-2017 19:09

Apparently there will be live music and barbeque at Hostal Borras

Gommar Goffer 10-01-2017 10:51

The Hustlers are playing at Nostalgia again on the night of the fires

Sparky 10-01-2017 11:00

I know long range forecasts are not very accurate but it's looking like it will be very cold and windy with snow showers possible at fairly low levels on the 16th, may i suggest you bring plenty of warm clothing if you are planning to be here :eek:.

sws97sdg 10-01-2017 11:23

Thanks for the heads up Sparky, we are bringing hold luggage this time so packing for every eventuality, including shorts in case I fancy a swim!! Rain coats and jumpers packed just in case. Snow will be interesting though!! :eek:

Teflon 10-01-2017 11:25

Thanks for the heads up Sparky we will bring our thermals!! Not quite what we were planning on for our first visit to Sant Antoni, but hopefully we will get a little bit of sun to keep us warm as well as the fires :) :)

sws97sdg 10-01-2017 11:36

Layers is what you need, in previous years we have sat in the sun in cafe 1919 in tee shirts, but out of the sun it is cold. Hopefully we will still get some sun, that's if we can get over, they are forecasting arctic conditions here for the end of the week, hoping it doesn't get down this far and affect the airports! :(

Teflon 10-01-2017 11:40

Fingers crossed - due out of Gatwick early Saturday with freezing temperatures forecast...... :eek:

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