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Grandad 26-07-2015 10:46

What's happened to all the music in square
Yes why no Elvis show at Mulligans and O'Haras only putting music on three nights etc.... Have they cut down for costs or are the council trying to stop Music Street altogether... Whose fault is it ???

Sparky 26-07-2015 11:03

I think there are a few reasons Grandad, as far as O'Haras is concerned there have been complaints mainly from the hotel next door and apartments close by which led them to cancel The Hustlers for a couple of weeks but they were back this Friday, the council are clamping down on noise levels and this is why all terraces in and around the square have to be cleared by 2am.

For some bars it's a question of money, they have been suffering during the recession and are wary about spending on entertainment if business is slow.

Finally there are a lot more musicians looking for work and so some of the old favourites are having to perform outside of the square, i think "Elvis" is still working in 1 or 2 places including the Rosa Blanca.

Grandad 27-07-2015 12:20

Thanks lynn , I had heard that because of the new Hotel they have taken priority and the long established music bars are having to restrict noise etc. Not sure which I agree with though, I suppose there is good and bad on both sides of the fence. Hope to see you in a couple of weeks time.

tangofan 27-07-2015 13:31

There is more traditional music on Wednesdays at The Daina with guitarist Mariano Miranda and the Cuban trio who play at the corner bar on Mondays and Thursdays and we have also seen them at El Casinet.

lovemallorca 27-07-2015 19:17

There was a fabulous singer on at the Lemon Bar at the Daina a few Thursdays ago.

I kick myself that I didn't get his name - He was a middle-aged black guy. Not necessarily the very best singer, but he had the place heaving. Lots of soul and modern stuff. Never seen it so busy and lively. I had to fight to get to the bar!

pips 28-07-2015 18:25

Must agree most of the places that have had live music in the past were very quiet, the place needs a bit of life, it would be a real pity if the powers that be, hotels, politicos etc killed the atmosphere. The Daina had several very good acts on at the Lemon Bar, it was always busy which was very good to see.

favie 28-07-2015 18:37

Not in the square....but Laguna had a great duo on one night who were very good and had people up dancing and another night a fabulous guy who was an amazing singer and had everyone singing along....unfortunately I can't remember names.:rolleyes: Two very enjoyable evenings, have to really respect these places putting on these evenings for free.:)

copper 28-07-2015 19:04

We really like live music so will be disappointed if it is stopped

We managed most nights to find some including Daina Guitarist Mariana Miranda, Rosa Blanca ( John Lynam) and at Panorama, Guru Fat Cats Jazz Palms Bar the Rod Stewart Tribute ,Mulligans had a few people singing and our favourites the Hustlers at OHaras

It normally doesent go on late so find it a bit sad that it is stopping as it certainly enhances the atmosphere for us

Sparky 28-07-2015 19:16

I think i should make it clear that live music isn't stopping in PP, there are many venues which host many performers but at peak times they are trying to control noise levels in and around the square.

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