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garoda 29-03-2013 23:43

Municipal Swimming Pool
Hi All,

Out next week with the kids and was hoping to take them to the indoor pool beside the school. Does anyone know the opening hours at present, and the cost. Any info much appreciated. thanks :)

Sparky 30-03-2013 00:32

I don't have up to date info but this from last year.

Monday - Friday 7.30am until 10pm.
Saturday - 9am until 2pm and 4pm until 9pm.
Closed on Sundays and fiestas.

eleanor 30-03-2013 12:33

Not sure of the other info you need garoda but just to warn you that swimmings hats need to be worn and they won't allow you in without - unless this has changes of course!

usandthewoof 30-03-2013 13:33

Eleanor is abosolutely correct, hats do still need to be worn by adults and children, and even those with no hair (as hubby found out !) :rolleyes:

The cost for a swim is 2.50 at present. You will also be given a locker key.

Enjoy !

Sparky 30-03-2013 13:39

UATW is that price for everyone or for residents :).

lollipop 30-03-2013 19:02

UATW is that the price for people with Empadroment I thought when I last looked it was more.

Ronnie 30-03-2013 20:11


Originally Posted by lollipop (Post 81601)
UATW is that the price for people with Empadroment I thought when I last looked it was more.

Only for prople with WOODEN SUN LOUNGERS!!!!!!!

garoda 30-03-2013 22:41

Thanks all, particularly the tip about the swim hat, I wouldn't have occurred to me. I feel a trip to Decathlon coming on!

Sparky 30-03-2013 23:37

I am pretty sure they sell them at the pool :).

lollipop 31-03-2013 16:30

Sparky,sorry for the duplication I missed your post re price.

Sparky 31-03-2013 16:43

No problem Lollipop, i am was sure you are right that there is a separate price for non residents but i can't find a list of the tariffs anywhere. Seem to remember that it was 3 or 3.50 but not sure :confused:.

lollipop 31-03-2013 18:04

I think you're right Sparky,did have them at home but can't lay my hands on it at moment.

usandthewoof 01-04-2013 14:53

Yes, I stand corrected...it is 3.50 for non residents / emapdronamiento holders

Sparky 01-04-2013 16:00

Thanks for clearing that up UATW :D.

Sparky 06-08-2013 19:38

This has just been posted on FB by the ajuntament :-


The pool deck Puerto Pollensa, after the maintenance of these last days, will reopen to the public on Wednesday August 7, at regular hours. (Monday to Friday 7:30 to 22:00 and Saturday from 09:00 a1 4:00 and 16:00 to 21:00.)

All swimming activities performed in the morning in the indoor pool of the Port, will restart on August 12, also at the usual time.
Aquaerobic: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 08:30
Fitness: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 09:30
Adult Swim: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 08:30
Baby Baptism: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 09:30

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