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tangofan 26-06-2011 20:52

Football games in sports centre
Does anyone know if the football games which were run by a Scottish chap on the pitches by the Sports Bar on the main road near the public swiimming pool still go on? I think I did see something about this on the forum once. They used to play most evenings at around 6 pm. We are due out this weekend and my son is asking as he used to go all the time over the past few years.

siren73 26-06-2011 21:53

Hi Tangofan,

Football is usually on Mon, Wed and Friday at the sports centre around 6pm, this was the case last year at any rate.

I think it is organised by Graeme Hislop (Hissy) the 'Scottish chap'. All comers are made very welcome and there is usually a few ales to be had in the bar afterwards.

The sports centre sells beer in a large yard length tube with a tap at the bottom which is placed on the table for all to enjoy. Great idea but extra care must be taken when carrying this form bar to table especially when 2 or 3 have already been drained. :):):)

tangofan 26-06-2011 22:54

Thanks very much Siren 73, I remember now he was called Hissy. Hopefully it will still be on this year, it has been going for some years now. I will tell my son to keep away from the beer, at least until after the footy lol! (He is 17 now by the way!)

gregan 27-06-2011 02:01

This sounds right up my street being a footy coach and player......plus the apartment we have access to is opposite the swimming pool. Will investigate when out in a few months.

cumberland8 03-07-2011 23:12

It is on Mon,Wed & Fri at 6, July & Aug,we have been playing for years,strictly no swearing.
Really decent lads organise it with locals.

EmmaA 04-07-2011 20:45

As we are in Puerto Pollensa for the 6 weeks summer holiday, this sounds ideal for my son, who is 10. Is he old enough to come along?

gers1873 08-07-2012 23:04

anyone know if this is still running? also if so age groups involved as asking on behalf of a 13 year old lad who will be out with my lot from 16th july, thanks

cumberland8 09-07-2012 06:39

Yes this is still running same time, same evenings age groups 10 to 70 ish, no swearing or blaspheming allowed, the blokes who run it (in excess of 15 years now) are all men of the cloth?
It is run as a social friendly with most of us staying for a reasonably priced beer afterwards,but don't turn up late & expect to play.

cumberland8 09-07-2012 06:44

many of the folks who play have here gone on to do bigger things?
The standard of play is more Gary Mcswegan than Ronaldo.

mwc 14-07-2012 16:42

Walked passed there loads of times but can't remember what sort of surface it is. Can anyone enlighten me as I am sure my son will want to attend for a game or 9 over our stay.

cumberland8 14-07-2012 17:32

its astro turf not suitable for moulded boots, sand based.
Take plenty of water for him as it gets very warm hence the necessity for lager consumption afterwords, that's what I tell Er indoors anyway.

mwc 14-07-2012 17:49

Thanks, stay on your feet stuff then, that old astro stings & burns. I'm sure he will want to go even if it's to get him out of running while he's in pp to keep his fitness up, pre-season & all that.

Pollensa4ever 14-07-2012 18:48

I have it on good authority that the football at the sports center will be starting next week .

cumberland8 14-07-2012 19:15

Monday evening 6 sharp.

gers1873 15-07-2012 11:04

dont know if our friends boy will go along on his own (shy 13 year old) might need to wait till friday when i'm over and take him along

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