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bonce 30-06-2010 12:37

Playmate for my 8 year old daughter 14-28 aug
Hi, we're going to be in PP 14-28 Aug (Voramar/pine walk area). It would be lovely to meet up with anyone who has a child around the same age.

its cd 30-06-2010 23:10

Can't supply you with an 8 year old playmate but can guaruntee that friends will just materialise

We went several times with just our daughter when she was a similar age and she always made friends with the children on the beach within a minute or 2 of arriving. The thing about the beaches in that area at that time of year is that they are always frequented by the families that own or rent the large pinewalk villas and they seem to have lots and lots of small children .... she will easily find a football game going on that she can join in ( girls and boys ) or a load of children making a sandcastle, collecting shells, crabbing off one of the piers or playing with their fishing nets on the shoreline. Providing she is a strong enough swimmer, there will also be lots of kiddies playing on small inflatable dingies/ airbeds and as there is usually little or no wind to blow them out to sea, its pretty safe and they have a great time.

Oh dear I am getting nostalgic and beginning to think it was easier with an 8 year old than it is with a 16 year old

Gommar Goffer 30-06-2010 23:36

Hello Bonce and welcome.

You will have no problems with your 8 yeard old daughter making friends on the beach in PP (it's some of the parents that you have to be warry of at times!) They have no preconceptions or fears and will talk and join in with any other kids on the beach.

When we used to go out to PP with my son's Godparent he was really pi**ed of at the ease in which my 3 year old son used to pick up girls on the beach to play with - especially the 18 year olds who just adored him - and they were always blonde which pi**ed him off even more:)

kate1 01-07-2010 09:08

Yes, you will have no problems at all - can't remember a year when my two daughters didn't gather a couple of friends (and one of them is quite shy) - not only on the beach but also in the squares in PP and Pollensa. And not all of these friends were English speaking - I remember a German little boy and various Mallorcan children. The language barrier didn't seem to be a problem at all - puts grown-ups to shame, really.

bonce 16-07-2010 20:53

Thank you all for responding. It is good to see all the kids playing together, and I saw it last year. But what I didn't say on my first post is that my daughter has a hearing loss. So she wears hearing aids ... which inevitably have to be taken out when she's running around and going into the sea. So, from experience, she finds it quite difficult to spontaneously join in. Anyone got the same issue? Or happy to link up with a child who can hear pretty well with the aids in, but not when she's mucking around in the sea !!!

Lillianna 16-07-2010 23:07

I have a 7 year old boy, who I'm sure would love to play with your daughter. We live here, so obviously around all the time and my son is very friendly, if not a bit of a cheeky monkey sometimes!! My Mum has severe hearing loss, so my little man is quite used to that. Why don't you send me a message nearer the time and we could arrange to meet up if you like?

car77 16-07-2010 23:53

Hi Bonce,
We will be in PP from 14th to 29th August. My daughter is 11 and very caring - she just loves playing with younger ones and her school has a hearing impaired unit so she is very used to this. She will be on the beach in front of the Daina (or fishing on the jetty) and is always happy to meet new friends.
Car 77

bonce 19-07-2010 12:01

Hi Lillianna and Car77, that's so sweet of you! We'll be in touch nearer the time, but if not, you can't really miss my daughter ... very very blond long hair ... accompanied by me ... very late 40's and far too overweight! And my ancient mother in her mid-70's! Daughter loves the 'pools' of sea water near the Daina, we often go for a drink in the evening and she paddles there. Tend to stick under the pines in the Voramar Pinewalk section during the day to avoid blazing sun!

bonce 14-08-2010 08:10

Hi Lillianna and car77. On our way to PP today! Have sent you a private message with my mobile number ... for texts etc.

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