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jorabbit 05-07-2008 22:19

Local cows milk for a toddler???
Hi guys,

So glad I came across this website & forum before we got to PP next Saturday! It's sooo useful!

I have one question that I would greatly appreciate if someone could answer... DH & I are taking our 18 month old DD and are a bit worried about the milk situation. She normally has organic full fat cows milk at home and just want to see if this is ok to buy in Majorca. We're not bothered about it being organic if that's not available, but does it taste similar to our UK milk? I'm worried if it's a bit different she won't like it & she loves her milk so our lives won't be worth living!!! Has anyone else with a toddler been ok?

We have thought about taking ready made cartons of Hipp Organic growing up milk but don't want to fill up our suitcases just with this! Also, as we are planning on being out and about most days, how do you keep it cool all day? Don't want it going off. We are staying in an apartment, so first & last milks of the day should be ok, just the 2:30ish one might be problem.

Any advice would be great!



jiggggy 06-07-2008 01:23

Hi Jorabbit, i'm not sure, but have a look at this threadhttp://www.forum.puertopollensa.com/...ead.php?t=1507
I hope it helps

Sharonh 06-07-2008 06:56

Hi Jo

You can get full fat milk in the supermarkets in Puerto Pollensa - not sure about organic.

Regarding the mid-day feed you could take a freezer bag out with you. We bought one of these in the baby section of what was Caprabo supermarket (I believe it is now an Eroski) when my son was younger. Alternatively, you could just buy the milk when you need it when you are out. There are many supermarkets around so I don't think this approach would be an issue.

I hope you have a great time. We first visited PP when my son was 15 months and have been going back several times a year ever since.



its cd 06-07-2008 09:11

Milk for Toddler
Don't really think there wil be a problem

We just used to buy full fat milk from the supermarket for when we were in the apartment and when we were out and about and ours wanted a drink ( she loved milk, just like yours ) we just ordered a glass of milk in the cafes along with our cafe con leches ............ the only thing I seem to remember was that the waiters would look at our little one and automatically think she would want her milk warm with a sachet of sugar ( it must be a spanish thing !! ) So we ( and she ) soon learned to ask for leche frio

To be honest - I can never remember getting a nice cold glass of milk being an issue from anywhere in and around PP

jorabbit 06-07-2008 18:31

Thank you!
Hi guys,

Thank you so much, I feel a lot better about it now! I know it probably sounded a bit silly, but she does love her milk & some places I've been abroad, the milk just doesn't taste the same. At least I can use my suitcase for clothes now & not cartons of milk LOL!

Thanks again for such prompt & friendly replies - I can't wait until Saturday now!

Jo x

Sparky 06-07-2008 19:00

Hope you have a great time, Jo. By the way, i prefer the milk over there.

jiggggy 07-07-2008 00:39

Jo, it didnt sound silly at all! glad we could be of assistance, thats what we're here for:).
Mrs Sparkles, i preferre the wine myself:D:p

Sparky 07-07-2008 10:48

JIGGGGY, agree with you mate but WINE on CORNFLAKES. Do you have RED or WHITE.:eek:

alcanadakid 10-07-2008 18:29

While the supermarket milk doesn't taste too bad, it tends to go off quite quickly. We have found the nicest tasting milk in the Mercadona supermarket in Alcudia. It tastes just like UK full fat milk and lasts a lot longer - up to a week even in the summer. There is a semi skimmed verson too. I believe it is filtered and pasturised. Mercadona seems to be the only place that sells it. It is not available in Alcampo, Euroski or Caprabo (now Euroski).

Mercadona is also the cheapest place for wine. I have seen one or two well known restaurant owners shopping there.

marilyn 10-07-2008 18:39

I think the British Food Shop does Cravendale Milk if that's a help.

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