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KILLIAN MCCORMACK 11-11-2005 06:47

Evening entertainment for children
Myself, my wife and our 2 girls, 3 and 8, are going to PP for the 4th time in May 2006. Obviously we love the place.
This is the first time that we are not going on a package deal. We have previously stayed in the Ora Playa and had great experiences. One of the features of the Ora Playa is the evening entertainment for the children. Harmless fun, which keeps the kids amused while we have a few (dozen) night caps before bed.
Having booked a private apartment (not far from the Ora Playa) this time, we will not have this entertanment on site.
Does anyone know if is it accecptable to avail of the evening entermianment in the likes of the Ora Playa or the Peurto Azul if:) you are not staying in the complex? Is there anywhere else that has kiddies discos, or live acts that are siutable for families with young kids?
We are really looking forward to having our "own" place in PP for 2 weeks but I am a bit concerned that the kids may not get the same out of the holiday in PP as they have in the past.
Any advise would be great.

its cd 11-11-2005 07:38


We stay pretty near to the Ora Playa and when our daughter wa syounger used to call into the Ora Playa a couple of times each holiday, along with other friends who also had young children.

It wouldn't do for me every night but the children seem to love it ...........

The hotel don't seem to mind , so long as you are buying from the bar ........

Why not take them to the Ill a D'or to watch the flamenco or Majorcan dancing .... tuesday evenings ..... they are also always welcoming. Its not like the Ora Playa but so long as they can sit still and watch I am sure they will be welcome, we have always been.


debz1 11-11-2005 09:31

Hi Killian

Agree with cd's comments as long as you are buying drinks hotels don't mind you watching the entertainment..when ours were younger we always took them to the Villa Concha for discos flamenco and kareoke evenings.

There is also always plenty of things going on in the square and on the front near The Hotel Daina.

mitchel marie 02-03-2006 05:24

Try the Bonanza bar for their friday evening entertainment it is really quite good but you have book a
table and a meal but it is really very reasonable and very enjoyable

frito 03-03-2006 08:59

Go wherever you want to go!
I have friends who regularly use the Oro Playa for the children's entertainment.
As long as you don't "dump" the kids ( and I know you wouldn't) they are happy to have your custom.
The hotels/apart-hotels want your money, even if you are not staying there!
Don't worry about going into a place where you are not resident, after all, I go for coffee in the Illa d'or, and nobody bats an eyelid!

I hope this is useful.


KILLIAN MCCORMACK 30-03-2006 07:32

Thanks for this Frito, thats really good to know.

WFCB 05-05-2006 00:27

We going to PP in June and I have reading your posts
please tell mer where the Bonanza Bar is


robjay 06-05-2006 01:48

Re: entertainment
Can I suggest an idea?
Find a stray dog in the square and give it a toffee to chew:eek .
Now this sould keep your kids entertained long enough for you to enjoy at least the main course in peace.
And cheaper than any Play station game.
Take care.


pollensa 06-05-2006 18:30

Re: entertainment
Ignoring that last comment, the Bonanca bar is in the road behind the hotel Illa d'Or & I should think in grid Ref J2 of the Pine Walk map www.puertopollensa.com/maps/pinewalk.html Much better entertainmnent for kids.

griffo 08-05-2006 00:19

Re: entertainment

I think your last comment is out of order. i go away on holiday to spend time with my kids and i hope your comment was tongue in cheek.

not only will some of you want to ban the tex mex it seems you will be wanting to ban kids next so you can eat your meals in peace.

Sazzle 08-05-2006 00:40

Re: entertainment

I couldn't agree more! I've read one or two so-called 'jokes' here recently about children that weren't the slightest bit funny.

PP is a lovely, beautiful place for everyone, young and old!

debz1 08-05-2006 05:05

Re: entertainment
Of course Rob's comment was tongue in cheek!..lighten up you lot >D

Most of us on this forum have children of various ages and I have never read any comments which are 'anti kids'. In fact far from it most of us delight in the fact that PP is so accommodating especially when it comes to eating. The restaurant owners appear to have the typical relaxed mediterranian attitude towards children which is often so lacking in this country.

Having said that ,when ours were very young (we have been going to PP for 18 years) we used to go to very different restaurants to ones we go to now. Not that the more 'posh' (hate that word but can't think of a better one!) places wouldn't welcome children but we never took ours as we knew they would be bored and we wouldn't be able to relax and enjoy the meal. In those days we would eat in the square or along Pine Walk and after go for a stroll , or to a hotel that had entertainment on ,or just get them a ice cream while we chilled with a drink...even little 'uns seem to like to people watch!!

If we could we would try and get a baby sitter for at least one evening of the fortnight..I loved our holidays when they were young but I really appreciated a night with adult company, and I would think that is normal of most parents with young children. It doesn't make you a bad or uncaring parent to want a 'night off 'once in a while.


JH02JLH 08-05-2006 05:14

Re: entertainment

I can only echo everything you have said. Yes, please, lighten up folks!!!

I, for one, couldn't stop laughing about the toffee comment. Having just spent an afternoon with a dog who was intent on nicking everything off the table, I would have gladly given it a toffee to keep it (and the kids present) occupied for a while! ;)

And, as Debs said, an evening "off" is welcome for most parents, whether on holiday or not. Of course we could always book into a Thomson Super Family Hotel and bung them into the kids club all day...

We usually rent a villa and therefore have the kids all day every day but we always find something to do to keep us all entertained. We find either the square in Pollensa or in PP is sufficient. The amount of children about means we don't see them all evening...and we all have fun relaxing.

Jane (tongue definitely in cheek)...:lol

Sazzle 08-05-2006 16:40

Re: entertainment
Hi Jane, Hi Debz

I'm sorry that my poor choice of wording has made you think I was cross about comments relating to children and restaurants etc. I'm not at all.

Rest assured, the next time Rob tells a 'joke' I wont say a word!

sandy 08-05-2006 19:25

Re: entertainment
Perhaps I've got the same sarcastic sense of humour as Robjay. He always seems to have me smirking. Please don't take offence at comments regarding children. It's like jokes about parents, we all love them dearly but its in our nature to be flippant about them!

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