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Children Anything to with kids & Teens!

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Old 20-12-2004, 22:11
pollensa's Avatar
Join Date: May 2001
Location: Colchester, UK
Posts: 3,824
Default Beware 'Henna' tatoos !

This is the second time, we've heard about this so do protect your children (& adults!)

Send to us by Karen Griffin:

Really love your site and I know lots of people who also hit it regularly. Can you warn your surfers and other tourists of a problem we had during our trip to PP this year.?

At the beginning of Sept our 10 yr old had a 'henna' tattoo done by a street trader who plys trade next to the sand art at the end of Pine Walk. Our son had a bad reaction and after months of steriod treatment and tests, it has been discovered that it wasn't henna used at all but an illegal hair dye. Nick has been scarred for life. He is now taking immuno supressants to try to limit the reaction and scarring.

The doctor advises us that he has 5 other patients on his books (we come from Sussex in the UK) and that he has made representations to the official Mallorcan bodies.

Please warn your surfers via your excellent and well-hit site about this problem so that their children can avoid being scarred for life like ours has been.

Karen Griffin
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Old 31-08-2007, 16:32
Posts: n/a
Default Henna Tattoos

Unfortunately I have just found this entry on our return. My 7 yr old boy pleaded to get a tatoo and we finally gave in, going to the shop on the Pine Walk which advertises them. The shop has been there for many years. No problem at the time (the people at the shop assured us it was very safe) but several weeks on the colour has gone and my son's arm is a mess. He has suffered a very bad reaction - the whole area is raised and inflammed - with a secondary reaction occurring around the tattoo area. Despite antibiotics and creams from the doctor it is showing little improvement over the last two weeks. I will now contact our doctor with this information. Can the original notice poster give us more info - it may well help treatment?
Eddie Anderson
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Old 31-08-2007, 17:13
pollensa's Avatar
Join Date: May 2001
Location: Colchester, UK
Posts: 3,824
Default Re: Henna Tattoos

Hi Eddie,

I am afraid that the original post was sent to us by Email a while ago. I've done a search on google - see www.google.com/search?q=henna+tattoos+majorca & you will see several similar stories. Hopefully you may find some useful advice there.

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Old 31-08-2007, 18:47
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: N Ireland
Posts: 429
Default Re:Henna Tattoos

Hi All

I've been travelling to PP for the last 15 years but only just discovered this site during the past year. I thoroughly enjoy reading all your posts and had a great week in PP last week (despite the awful weather) trying lots of lovely new restaurants as recommended by many of you.

Have never felt compelled to add a comment until now but Eddie's post has brought back memories of our trip in June 2005 when my son, then 9 yrs, had a 'fun' tattoo done at the same place on the beachfront. The reaction he had was horrific - swelling, weeping, bleeding - he was up every night in agony. I blame myself for letting him have it done, but I believed the assurances that it was perfectly safe. Once the wound healed, after antibiotics and steriod creams, my son's entire body broke out in eczema which my GP said was a reaction to whatever was used on his skin.Thankfully he has now recovered well although is scarred for life.I was really dismayed to watch these people operating as normal last week and wish there was something that could be done to stop them.

Eddie - really hope your son recovers soon. Everyone else please beware.
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Old 31-08-2007, 22:52
Posts: n/a
Default henna tattoos

Hey all

I just thought id add this year although im probably a bit to old for henna tattoos I had two done one on the promenade in the shop at the end and one on market day in the square both were fine and had faded by the time I went home.

Hope this helps.

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Old 01-09-2007, 01:37
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: N Ireland
Posts: 429
Default Re: henna tattoos

Hi Rachel

Glad to hear you had a positive experience. However,as you say,the market in these tatoos is primarily aimed at children. Perhaps their young skin is more sensitive, I'm really not sure, but my experience was so awful I really would suggest that it's just not worth the risk.
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Old 01-09-2007, 17:27
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: Edinburgh
Posts: 653
Default Re: henna tattoos

Hi Eddie & LK

So sorry to hear of these dreadful experiences.

Unfortunately this goes on everywhere - even in Britain. It seems like harmless fun and the marketing attracts kids. Point is henna tattoos should be red or brown. The street traders mainly offer black henna tattoos which contain hair dye. Not many people would knowingly leave hair dye on their skin and go out in the sun. The internet is full of articles about allergies occurring - here's one www.thesun.co.uk/article/...58,00.html

Like Rachel I had this done a few years back - seemed like fun. It said it was safe... No allergic reaction thankfully but it was actually sore! :eek They seemed to scrape away for ages and my skin was red raw - not exactly child friendly. It was very poor quality too - stained the sheets hours later and left a pathetic brown splodge - not attractive.

Best avoided imo :\ Better convincing kids that a packet of transfers will last longer and cost less...

Eddie - hope your wee one is on the mend.

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Old 12-09-2007, 22:45
Posts: n/a
Default Re: henna tattoos

I only just saw this post - I so wish I had read it before our holiday 2 weeks ago. I have posted in the medical section of this board.

My son (15) has a nasty reaction at the moment - I am devastated that I let him have this done. I thought it would get the tattoo thing out of his system before he is old enough to scar himself for life. Now he probably will be scarred for life anyway

I plan to return to Puerto Pollensa (when I can afford it!) and I intend to go back to that place (Pine Walk). Does anybody know the name of the place/or can take a pic for me so I can confirm its the same place please ?

I am considering legal action too although I suspect that might be difficult.

See this website for further information www.eastonwest.co.uk/bhw.html
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Old 12-09-2007, 23:52
Join Date: Feb 2008
Posts: 183
Default Henna Tattoos

Have you thought about writing to the Daily Bulletin too? Also, what about the mayor of Pollenca - town hall or similar.

If you tell them that you are considering legal action then they may do something - you never know.

They shouldn't be allowed to continue with these Henna tattoos if so many people are having a reaction and if it is just confined to children, then there should be a minimum age.

My daughter wanted one of these a few years back but I read a warning article about them and I am sure that there was a piece on a programme such as Watchdog or maybe it was GMTV or similar. Definitely seen something on television though.
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Old 28-09-2007, 04:50
Posts: n/a
Default Henna Tattoos

Really is amazing how much damage and pain is caused by these tattoos yet it's still being openly sold and applied to young children. I am in Puerto again in October and plan to visit the shop and make them aware of the anguish and pain they are doing.
The update on my son Rory is that we have been prescribed steroid and hydrocorizone creams (not at the same time) and the swelling and itching have gone. Unfortunately there is now a very clear red tattoo on his arm. We apply moisturiser twice daily and just hope that over time it will diminish. He doesn't seem to mind now but we (parents) feel gutted and guilty that we exposed him to it.
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Old 30-09-2007, 00:01
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: N Ireland
Posts: 429
Default Re: Henna Tattoos

Hi Eddie

Glad to hear that your son is making good progress. In my son's case, his tattoo mark was clearly visible for months although didn't bother him and did eventually fade. Now it's only noticable if it's pointed out. I'm sure Rory's will fade too. Don't think my guilt will ever go away though.
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Old 01-10-2007, 19:26
Join Date: Feb 2008
Posts: 183
Default Re: Henna Tattoos

Just had a thought - have you thought about using a product called BIO-OIL. It is available from places like Boots, Superdrug, etc.. Apparently it helps skin to heal, repair wrinkles, helps stretch marks etc - it might help the skin to repair more quickly. They also recommend it for people after ops to help with scar tissue.

Have a word with the pharmacist at one of these places - you never know
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Old 02-10-2007, 20:58
Posts: n/a

Thanks for the advice on the oil - will give it a try.
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Old 04-10-2007, 01:13
Posts: n/a
Default temporary tattoos

Just read your entries on Henna Tattoos, the black hennahas an added substance called ppd, which is a chemical and can burn the skin.
We were under the impression that this was being banned for import into Mallorca.
We do temporary tattoos with fruit juice, and these are completely safe.The juice is from the juiper plant grown in south america and the tribal indians have used it for generations without ill effect.If you have a copy of Holiday in Puerto Pollensa there is an article in there you will find very informative
Hope your children recover with no lasting ill effects as I did.
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Old 15-12-2008, 17:28
Join Date: Dec 2008
Posts: 3

Hi - Only came across this site a couple of days ago. I run a support website for people who suffer from hand eczema (known as pompholyx). We have had some emails from people suggesting that henna tattoos (and I guess fake-henna tattoos) may have triggered this form of eczema. Pompholyx isn't dangerous but can be very iritating and in the worst cases - becasue it affects the hands - can be quite debilitating. (Pompholyx.co.uk a layman's guide to pompholyx and dyshidrotic dermatitis)

My advice would be that sometimes you have to be the grown up - as a parent just say no to hand tattoos.

For those that don't know what pompholyx is, it looks like this and can be much worse.
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