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cumberland8 11-08-2019 21:25

Football in the Port
Last Monday,Wednesday & Friday of Football this week,all ages welcome,ages 70 to 7 years of age at Porto Pollensa Fc ,6-7 friendly fun end of Pine walk turn left at Military centre up the road.Been running over 25 years;):

Finally done it 28-07-2021 13:38

Hi , doesn’t anybody know if the teatime football back on at PP football club ?

Sparky 28-07-2021 15:18

I don`t think so, too much uncertainty :(.

Finally done it 28-07-2021 17:27

Ok , thank you .

cumberland8 06-08-2021 10:53

Unfortunately we were unable to hire the pitch for the second year running due to COVID.I can’t remember how many times I have have been stopped by eager footballers in the Port this year but it has just not been possible,sorry,next year hopefully.

gregan 25-08-2021 17:20

That's a shame. I am out tomorrow and have enjoyed a kickabout a few times before.

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