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Sunshinedrive 19-01-2014 08:37

Childrens Parks in PP
I know there is a park in the trees at the front of the policia local and we go to the one in the main square next to the church. Are there any more near the centre of pp?

Sparky 19-01-2014 10:32

No more public parks that i am aware of, the only other options are hotels and aparthotels.

Sherberts 14-04-2015 12:20

Hi all. I've just read a review of a restaurant on the front on a different website and the person has written 'right by the new childrens playground on the beach' (opposite Iru). Can anyone confirm what it's like please - or has any photos??! Many thanks.

Nick 14-04-2015 15:20

Yes there is one. It was built at the beginning of the month, watched them do it one morning. A small selection of swings x 2 climbing frame and couple of sit-on rides. I'd say it's for ages 2-5, not much older. Only a small set up but a welcome addition. It was mobbed as soon as the workers left!

Sparky 14-04-2015 15:58

Sounds good, thanks for the info Nick :D.

Nick 14-04-2015 16:57

De nada.....

lollipop 15-04-2015 07:58

There is also one by the large carpark similar to the beach set up (across from Bodeguita) and they are putting one in front of the new bar facility between the swimming pool and the sports club.

Belladonna 09-07-2016 07:17

What are the updated places for childrens playparks this year please?

Diver Val 09-07-2016 07:26

Another children's play area

There is also a small one up from the Bar Coral, towards the Boquer valley, it's fairly new and is just for very young ones, but plenty of parking on the road.


Belladonna 09-07-2016 08:15

Thank you. Is the one under the trees by the police station still there? I think that's the only one in the shade isn't it?

Molt de Renou 09-07-2016 08:45

To not to create any confusion I think it best to specify that the park is in front of the Guardia Civil and not the local police ( Policia Local )

copper 09-07-2016 08:47

Not sure if you mean the one near the Guardia Civil offices ?

If so definately still there We were staying near there and well used A large group of Spanish familes decamped there after going to the beach last Sat and gave their children a snack and cold drinks and great to be in the shade of the trees When we have been there in school time they stop there with children who have been out on a trip and sit them down with a picnic and they are so tidy and well behaved ( All rubbish put in the bins !!)

There is a small Charity cafe there with tables and chairs and nice cold drinks and ice cream !! Nice to get some shade but still look across to the sea

debz1 09-07-2016 10:40

There's another one on the beach similar to the one near Iru. It's next to one of the beach bars....I think from memory possibly Embat.

lollipop 09-07-2016 18:07

Yes Debz1 it is by Embat.

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