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scarlett 21-04-2009 13:59

credit cards
We dont have a credit card,but we know people well enough to use one to prebook car.I have asked amigo car hire who are very reasonable about paying for fuel with debit card,and they said no,what difference does it make to paying for fuel,i can understand the car,expensive object,but its money you have to have in your account to pay for something,any one know of car hire company that accepts debit card or cash just to pay for fuel.

Disorderly 21-04-2009 20:50

I'm afraid that the universal currency of choice nowadays is the credit card. I know many people have very good reasons not to have one, but I think that you may have to reconsider if you want access to the full choices available to you.

I fI was a car hire company, I'd certainly not want to deal in cash - imagine having the daily grind to the bank! But debit cards.....why not accept those? There must be a reason and I'd be interested to know what it is.

pollensa 21-04-2009 21:48

Maybe it's because they want to use it as a deposit against potential damage to the car. If it's a debit card they can only draw against what's in the account. This is only a guess...

scarlett 28-04-2009 21:00

yes i get the car reason,but not just to pay for fuel

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