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aquatina 31-01-2008 07:08

doyouspain? how do you know which company?
hi all

Just got a good quote for a car from Doyouspain but how do i know which company it is with? It just gave me a price and then said do I want to book....I've never done this before and am taking 2 small children, don't fancy having to be bused/trekked across airport to get the car.

Any advice?

Duncan 31-01-2008 07:39

We use Drive Spain or Carjet and they too don't tell you the car hire firm until you've comfirmed the booking, but if you don't like it then cancelling is very easy.

Perhaps your firm is the same?

Hope this helps.


sonyaaa 31-01-2008 08:20

I've used Do You Spain but in Ibiza over there the offices were not in the airport, a bus ride to collect your car bit of a pain don't know how they operate in Palma. we always use carjet for our car hire. on last couple of occasions they have given us a car hire company off airport tried that once never again too time consuming and a pain to find when returning, unfortunatly you don't know what rental company you are going to get untill you confirm. once confirmed if it is one off site just ask them to change which we have done no problem! usually opt for Goldcar.


JH02JLH 31-01-2008 19:21

We've just booked with DoYouSpain and our rental is through Europa Goldcar.

I did contact Carjet about Albariga and asked to cancel because of that. They emailed back and offered me Europa but DoYouSpain were cheaper.

It's worth emailing them and asking which rental company they use.


its cd 01-02-2008 04:35

After you book ( and you don;t need to part with any cash so it's no real commitment ) you get a link to a website which has your rental voucher on it , this includes the name of the company

Timberman 01-02-2008 06:36

I to have always used Drivespain and the rental company has always been Europa Goldcar, but this year when booking, the rental voucher said it would be AurigaCrown which is off airport. I E mailed DriveSpain to cancel the rental, which was not a problem. and like Jane, they offered me Europa but at a higher cost.

To cut a long story a little shorter, I E mailed back stating that it was too expensive compared to DoYou and that I was dissapointed, they immediately replied and honoured the original quote but via Europa Goldcar which was lower than DoYou.
Good result I thought, from a company who must value their customers.
So it pays to put your case forward as Sonyaaa said and get them to change your rental firm.


its cd 06-02-2008 09:06

Just made a booking with Doyou

Got an off airport company on my voucher

Phoned and asked for a change or I would have to cancel

Was changed to Record on airport with original price honoured .... good service

mark1875 06-02-2008 19:18

The other thing I don't like is the paying for the fuel in advance with doyouspain. It can add 40 to 60 euro to the cost, making them far from cheapest.

Alcanada 08-02-2008 00:52

Just booked with Doyouspain for next week. Got a car hire company called Rekord. I've never heard of them although the voucher says they are in the main Airport area.

mark1875 08-02-2008 03:58

They are and are fine, have used Record a few times with no hassles and good cars.

HolaGL 08-02-2008 06:24

I have used Record before.
Sometimes the queue can be long if Holiday Autos etc have been using them. I usually head straight for the counter while the wife humps the bags!!
Make sure you find the counter airside just next to the baggage collect.
One positive is that they supply the car with either a quarter full or empty tank and you return it with the same, overcomes the high charge for a tank of fuel.

!!Dont forget to fill up at the airport!! I once misread the temp gauge as the fuel guage and ran out of fuel on the motorway!! Fancy a bloke admitting to that!!



its cd 08-02-2008 07:53

Record are really good and as previously said do a 1/4 full 1/4 full fuel arrangement

That means you decide where you but the fuel and to an extent what you pay for it

Alcanada 08-02-2008 08:58

Thanks for the feedback everyone. Will be in PP on Sunday in ahem Record time :rolleyes

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