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Portofan 18-10-2005 02:14

Spanish-English-Spanish Dictionary
Hi guys!

This won't exactly make you instantly fluent but worth the 1

By Geddes and Grosset, 36000 words and translations and in "The Works" bookshop now.

ISBN 1 84205 217 9

Lots of words for all occasions!

No Porto, no examples please! >D

Portofan 29-10-2005 15:44

When this topic went up at first I seem to recall there were ten or so views.

On looking today there was none , for technical reasons, presumably. The one this morning was mine.

Just indicates that so many people are not interested in learning any Spanish at all. Says it all doesn't it?

JH02JLH 31-10-2005 04:39

I looked at it Porto...:(

And I feel guilty when I can't speak any Spanish...:(


pops 06-11-2005 21:15

estoy estudiando espanol Porto. Gracias. Comprare el libro!!!!

Hablare pronto,


robjay 07-11-2005 19:47

That looks fantastic Pops! I haven't got a clue what you have said and will now spend the next hour working it out with my trusty Collins Easy Learning Spanish Dictionary:lol
Take care.


Sazzle 24-01-2006 23:18

Hello All

I have been promising myself to try and learn a bit more Spanish for a long. I will get myself the Spanish Dictionary recommended but would also love to try and learn a bit more conversational Spanish. I should be ashamed of myself - I can just about order my wine (an absolute necessity!), ask where the toilets are and request the bill and that's just about my lot!

My local college used to do a great evening course 'Spanish in a suitcase' which, just as I was ready to enrol, has now finished - I think the tutor had enough of the horrible weather here in Yorkshire and went back to Spain!

Can anyone recommend a good 'teach yourself' Spanish book(s) or CD set?


JH02JLH 25-01-2006 00:56

Hi Sarah

Take a look at this link about learning Spanish:



Sazzle 25-01-2006 01:18


Thank you that's a great help. Looks like Michael Thomas is the man for me!

I'll let you know how I get on.


robjay 22-02-2006 07:32

Just picked up a Collins gem Spanish Dictionary in Tescos for under 1.50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it's pocket size


Belladonna 10-04-2006 00:17

Im looking for a dictionary / phrase book that gives the Mallorcan words / phrases as well as or instead of the usual Castillian translation. I find that although Spanish is well understood, the older generation do speak the Mallorcan more - obviously! It would be good to be able to say a couple of words to show we care. It seems to sound more like a French dialect - adeu instead of adios - that type of thing. Anyone know of any shops which would do this - I have plenty of normal phrase books already! :rolleyes

pollensa 10-04-2006 06:33

You'll find that a lot of the newer guide books do - I think the Time Out one does - I'll check for you - otherwise you need a Catalan phrase book. As I understand it Mallorquin is a spoken dialect of Catalan. Anything that you see written is Catalan - you'll also find some useful phrases on our language page puertopollensa.com/language.html Half-way down you'll see a box with a link to an online English-Catalan phrase book. If you have sound you can even listen to the phrases.

Re your comment on the older generation speaking Mallorquin, I think you'll find that they all speak it as it is the language taught in Schools & is in fact used a lot more now that it was a few years ago. Catalan was banned by Franco. So almost everybody understands Spanish - but they prefer not to use it.

Belladonna 10-04-2006 06:37

Thanks Pollensa, I thought this might be the case. It seems to be used more frequently even amoung the young/middle aged group now as well. And here I was thinking i had almost got the hang of things!!! :lol

pollensa 10-04-2006 06:40

I just remembered - there is a great page here from the Balearic government:

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