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whaleywanderer 28-05-2009 10:16

!! Jellyfish !!
Just a warning to let visitors know that there are jellyfish in the local waters. On our recent visit in May we saw loads of jellyfish washed up on the beach in Ca'n Picafort (just looked like clear blobs of jelly, about 2" - 5" round). We asked a local bar owner about them and he told us that the authorities had a team to clean them off the beach when they were washed up (not much use though if you're swimming:eek:). We also spotted them in the sea at Formentor. The good news is we didn't see any at PP, although that's not to say they're not there.

There was an article in yesterdays Majorca daily bulletin about jellyfish in Balearic waters, which states that the authorities intend to have a flag system to warm bathers of the dangers and leaflets giving information.

I did have a paddle but it put me off swimming.

bluestar 28-05-2009 10:21

I think its quite often a problem in May - we had days when there was nothing then the next day at cvs there were loads!!
We havent made it to PP this year :( but I would still rather be there dodging the jellyfish than here!!!

Sparky 28-05-2009 15:37

I read something about Jellyfish and it would seem that on the island the local fishermen have been asked to catch as many as possible, they will be paid for their efforts. Not seen any in PP bay yet.:D

minnie34 07-06-2009 11:37

I was badly stung last year in Cala san Vicente as was my Mum. We were swimming directly from the beach and both were caught without warning. We both required medical attention as the stings were very bad and were told it was a very common problem in June and July. Pity no one warned us beforehand!

susiejb 07-06-2009 16:35

I think I am getting a bit paranoid about jellyfish - are they in the sea at PP or on Formentor Beach - I so hope not.
Only 9 days to go and counting!

Belladonna 07-06-2009 21:14

Susie, over the past years they have been found all around the island, and it depends on the weather conditions and the tides to where they actually turn up. They cant really be predicted before they appear, so you just have to make sure you keep a check on the newspapers!

Lala70w 08-06-2009 09:51

I've seen them in the water in late June/ early July but luckily never been stung - although twice I have seen a kid stung. I wondered if thrashing about was to blame?

PaulB 24-06-2009 08:07

Dunno what all this fuss about jellyfish is, they are nearly as prevalent (and sometimes more) in British waters as they are in Mallorca. The usual jellyfish sting is no worse than a stinging nettle. I've been stung a few times and it's irritating and itchy rather than painfull. The only real danger is to those who are allergic and may suffer a reaction. Even the "deadly" Man-O-War (which are regularly seen in Cornwall and other places in Britain) rarely kills more than the odd person who is allergic or doesn't get the correct medical treatment.

Lala - "Thrashing about" is certainly not a reason for getting stung. A jellyfish is totally dependant on current for movement. They just drift wherever they are taken by the sea. Although obviously there is more chance of getting caught by a tentacle if you are swimming near one and then start thrashing your arms and legs about.

My son and I spent many hours snorkelling in PP in May and only saw a few. In my opinion those who miss out on swimming in the sea because of the extremely small risk would be akin to someone who stays indoors because they do not want to get stung by a wasp or bee. Get in and enjoy the water!

ahmurray 06-07-2009 17:37

Spent 2 weeks in PP in late June, in the sea most days and didnt' see a single Jellyfish!!

Gommar Goffer 06-07-2009 23:06

Doesn't it just make you paranoid though - someone shouts 'JELLYFISH' and you spend the rest of the day flapping aronud in the water looking this way and that, risking putting something out of place :eek:. The kids bat a ball out to sea and you look at it and think "I'm not going out there" - "you hit it - you go and get it"

Next day all forgotten...........until.........


Safe surfing guys :)

whaleywanderer 07-07-2009 11:25

For some reason the jelly fish seem to always be around the headland in Formentor or CSV. I've never seen any in PP - that doesn't mean to say they won't one day be washed in there. There were a lot washed up on the beach at Ca'n Picafort in May. The water is so clear you can normally see if there are any about.

I wouldn't worry too much, as a previous poster said the sting is not much worse than a wasp and I certainly wouldn't let it spoil my holiday. It's just a matter of being aware that they're around.

Mark1875 07-07-2009 19:41

My son was stung on the bahookie in the shallows at the beach beside Llenaire last July. We told him a wee crab had nipped him which he seemed to accept and withing 20 minutes was back in the water.

its cd 07-07-2009 20:42

I may regret this ............ what's a bahookie ?

El Gordo 07-07-2009 20:46

Whats a "bahookie"? Sounds like a Scot term for a type of fish?? :D

Sorry Zelda couldnt resist it!!! :rolleyes:

You beat me to it CD

pollensa 07-07-2009 22:58

Just did a search - see Urban Dictionary: Bahookie - no surprises there!

Now back to the jellyfish......

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