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shaunn 19-04-2009 20:56

How busy?
My family and I have stayed in PP during early May for the past couple of years. As me eldest started school this year, we've opted for the last week in May (half term). How much busier are the beaches/restaurants likely to be at this time? I'm a little worried as part of PP's attraction was how quiet the resort was!

kate1 20-04-2009 10:58

You should have no problem - the beaches are big enough to accommodate everyone at that time of year. If you walk down to the Tamarells beach bar and beyond they don't tend to be so crowded (and as they are bigger they always somehow look cleaner) - or go right down the Pine Walk towards the Illa d'Or - there aren't the vast expanses of sand, but it's usually possible to find a quiet spot and a bit of privacy. In the past we always avoided the beaches that back on to the road because of the background traffic noise, but this year the new road has taken much of the traffic off the front and it seemed much quieter. We have never felt crowded on a PP beach and we have been at all times of the year (apart from August - but I think even then they are relatively quiet compared to other Mallorcan beaches).

joelise80 20-04-2009 18:02

We have gone to PP or CSV during May half term for many years and only changed to end of August last year due to eldest sons exams. The difference was unbelievable with both PP and CSV seeming much more crowded (it was a struggle to walk on the pavement near the shops on some days) and a bit grubby round the edges. So I would say that May half term will seem a bit busier than early May but nothing like the peak season, an advantage to half term hols is that there are often more British children about to play with on the beach.

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