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Hannah70 15-01-2009 23:36

Mal Pas
Thanks to all your helpful replies to a query I had on this site I have now made my mind up and booked a villa in Bonaire for my summer holidays which was advertised on this site. The price isn't too bad and the owner/agent seems very nice.

I know it is a longish car ride away from PP and Pollensa but, amongst other things, I am looking forward to being able to lunch at La Victoria a few times.

Apparently, my local beach will be Mal Pas. Can anyone tell me anything about it? Is it sandy or just rocky? Is there a beach bar/cafe? Is it busy? Is it nice. Obviously, I will spend most of the holiday driving across to PP but it would be great to think that my immediate surroundings might be quite nice.

If anyone could give me their opinion, I would really appreciate it.

Regards, Hannah

Alcanada 15-01-2009 23:59

Hi Hannah,

We used to go to Malpas on our visits a few years ago. There are actually two beaches there, both are good for swimming as I recall. We would commute there from Pto Pollensa because the beaches had large areas of sand for sunbathing and for our then young children to play on. One of the beaches had a bar/cafe which was useful for lunch and drinks, I don't know if its still there. We still go to La Victoria, its a wonderful place for lunch on a clear sunny day!

lollipop 16-01-2009 16:06

Hi,yes there are two beaches at Mal Pas plus a rocky platform to the side of the Marina in Bonaire. The beach called San Pere has a beach bar on it and porta loo. It is a popular beach with locals . Although I live in PP we have hired a villa at Bonaire for a family holiday as our apartment is not big enough and this is such a lovely area. Enjoy

Hannah70 16-01-2009 17:55

Thank you for your replies. They are very helpful. It's good to know that although we will drive off to PP and Pollensa most of the time, we will be staying in a nice area with its own sandy beach.

I have only passed through Bonaire when we have been on our way up to the gorgeous restaurant at La Victoria so I don't know anything about the area.

Does Bonaire have any restaurants of its own?

Sorry I think I have gone off topic. Would I be allowed to start a Bonaire thread or doesn't that count as PP.? I have so many questions!

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