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Beaches Do you have a favourite beach? Know of any activities on specific beaches?

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Old 13-06-2005, 17:14
debz1's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: Buckinghamshire
Posts: 2,947
Default Jelly fish alert!!!

We have just returned from a fantastic week, and as we have now finished decorating and furnishing the apartment no more trips to Ikea or Leroy for a while! Big from Chelseadons!

The only thing that slightly spoiled our stay was that there were 100's of jelly fish everywhere .They had the yellow flag flying at CSV and Formentor and lifeguards on hand with first aid packs. I have only ever encountered the odd one in previous years...does anyone know why there are quite so many this year?

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Old 13-06-2005, 22:58
Posts: n/a
Default Jelly fish

Oh no!!!!!! We have had experiences in different places and it would seem to be a climatic thing, temperature and activity of the water.
So, what receommdations for pools one can use as we went for an apartment on the Pine Walk thinking with the beach and sea just below the balcony we won't need one......???!!!
Fingers crossed they will have moved off or died out by 2nd July?
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Old 14-06-2005, 05:45
its cd's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2008
Posts: 1,659
Default Jellyfish


They musy have arrived really quickly because we were there from 28th May until 8th June and didn't see 1 and we were in and around the sea at the pinewalk end most days.

So look on the bright side, if they can arrive so quickly, they can also leave quickly

NB: I'm not a jellyfish expert ..... just an optomist

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Old 14-06-2005, 22:28
Posts: n/a
Default Jelly Fish

I saw a TV programme about them once, apparently when the conditions are right they reproduce like crazy which is why there is suddenly so many of them. I can't remember how long they lived though, so hopefully they will disappear quickly. Any updates from anyone there now or just returned??
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Old 14-06-2005, 22:42
Posts: n/a
Default Re: Jelly Fish

We had a few when we were in PP last year (first two weeks of August). I got a small sting but my daughter got stung quite badly. In nearly 20 years of going to PP this is the first time that I have been stung and go into the sea nearly every day whilst there. We did stay in a different area last year though if that makes any difference! Near the Miramar - usually we used to be down at the Llenaire end. If you do get stung, put vinegar on as soon as you can and it stops the stinging. We went out to Tolos in the evening and as Isabella got warm her sting starting to hurt. The head waiter was fantastic and as soon as he found out that it was a "Medusa" sting, he ran (literally) to the kitchen and came back with a bottle and cloth so that she could calm her stings down. Only problem is that Eau de Vinegar is not really a good smell for an evening out!! I wouldn't worry too much though!
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Old 16-06-2005, 08:55
Posts: n/a
Default Re: Jelly Fish

Sara I have found an "Afterbite" pen works wonders with bites and stings. It smells of ammonia and relieves the pain and itch in seconds. You can buy them in most good chemist shops in the UK.
Take care

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Old 16-06-2005, 11:13
HikerBiker's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2008
Location: Long Island, New York
Posts: 95
Default Re: Jelly Fish

If the jelly fish have been frequenting this website, I wouldn't be in the least surprised that they'd want to be in PP and surrounding waters.
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Old 18-06-2005, 03:55
Posts: n/a
Default Re: Jelly Fish

ROFLMAO @ HikerBiker
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Old 24-06-2005, 03:34
Posts: n/a
Default Re: Jelly Fish

Have the little :evil s gone yet?
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Old 26-06-2005, 21:01
Posts: n/a
Default Re: Jelly Fish

PennyWhite, want to be the group's official jellyfish tester?!
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Old 28-06-2005, 17:40
Posts: n/a
Default Re: Jelly Fish

Well, hopefully they will all have scarpered by Saturday afternoon, but I will give the daily count on my return if you like......
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Old 28-06-2005, 20:12
Posts: n/a
Default Re: Jelly Fish

That would be good, PennyWhite.

I must read up on their breeding/spawning habits (I used to study this kind of thing when I did zoology at university).

Thankfully I've not seen anything in PP yet to compare with the jellyfish invasions of some beaches in Ireland. The sight alone would have people deserting the beaches for days.

They were great lumps of things, each the size of a dinner plate, and there must have been millions of them, all washed up on the sand as far as the eye could see.
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Old 30-06-2005, 18:58
Posts: n/a
Default jellyfish invasion

Morning all!

What`s the latest? Will I be ok going for a swim on Sunday morning. I think I probably will anyway judging by the temperatures in PP at the moment!

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Old 03-07-2005, 16:45
Posts: n/a
Default Re: jellyfish invasion

Please, could anyone up date on this???? only 2 weeks and 6 days and 21 hours to go until my lot arrive in PP!!!!8)
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Old 21-07-2005, 05:04
Posts: n/a

Any news on how bad the jellyfish invasion is? Due to arrive on 30 July for a couple of weeks - first time so really looking forward to it as no one seems to have a bad word to say about PP.
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