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ChrisLox 13-09-2006 21:03

Fish that are like Jelly!!!!!
Ton's of 'em at Cala San Vicente at the moment so swimming is out! Thank goodness for the lovely pool at the Simar and the excellent food at the Windsurf.

ChrisLox 24-09-2006 23:05

Only me has lo÷ked at this post!!!
Hope no one has gotten stung in the med over the last couple of weeks!!!!

Jimbo the Jambo 25-09-2006 00:12


Yeah, I got stung ,but it wasn't in the sea!

However in the interests of harmony i will not name the resteraunt concerned.



debz1 25-09-2006 03:22

Thank you Chris!

I was snorkelling at Cala last week and came face to face with a jellyfish..very small and orange coloured. I made that ridiculous underwater scream that snorkellers do when they see something they dont like :eek and I got out of the sea pretty quick saying I'd never go back in. Chels refused to believe me saying it was a bit of floating weed...But huh I know what I saw!!!!

Also saw an octopuss that a local had caught. Well not caught exactly more playing and swimming with! Sounds weird but it was amazing to watch as he held it then let it swim to the sea bed before swimming down and 'catching' it again. After about 15 minutes the man swam off with it to the safety of the rocks.. Brilliant :D

ChrisLox 26-09-2006 03:32

excellent replies guys, thanks!

sandy 30-09-2006 21:35

Re: jellyfish!
I've now got a desperate urge to go snorkelling at CSV. Which is the best beach to do this?

(ChrisLox, I've left a message in your inbox).

debz1 30-09-2006 22:56

Re: jellyfish!
Sandy we always snorkel in the Molins bay but only as we prefer that beach..I would imagine the snorkeling would be just as good in the other bay.

There are always lot of interesting things to see by the rocks nearest to the beach bar and sometimes things that make you go :eek . Im talking sea life obviously!!;)

Have fun


ChrisLox 02-10-2006 18:59

Re: jellyfish!
The best Cala's for snorkelling at CSV I find are Clara and Carbo. The water at Cala Carbo being especially clear.

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