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scotslizzy 22-02-2013 07:56

Corb Mari
I have recently booked an apartment through the Mirimar Hotel and I see on thier website that they advertise Corb Mari and I wondered do they own this restuarant?

I have been coming to PP for over 20 years now ( now there's a thought) but have never had a meal there. What is it like and is it worth a visit?



1999 22-02-2013 10:01

Corb Mari
Hi Scotslizzy.
The Corb Mari are renowned for steaks, potentially the best in the port although at the same time they come at a price as this is not the cheapest establishment in town.
You get what you pay for and this place is well worth a visit, great location too.

Nick 22-02-2013 13:19

I've had a few tasty kebabs there and it's a lovely setting. I agree with 1999 in that I think they specialise in meat? Agree not the cheapest but then as with most things in life you usually get what you pay for.

scotslizzy 22-02-2013 13:57

Might add this then to the list
Thanks for the input . I don't mind paying a little extra as long as it's worth it .

So; Stay,
La Lonja
El Posito ( I know there have been some issues but I still enjoy it)
Corb Mari ?

still a good few night to sort out then ......



slipalong & lola 23-02-2013 12:00

corb mari
Hi Scotslizzie, Eaten there a few times over the years but usually only snack meals. Never been dissapointed and Lola and I often have a late afternoon snifter watching the world go by. Roll on June and September ,cant' wait to be back there.:)

scotslizzy 23-02-2013 16:44

Good to Read comments
I am loaded with the cold and could not sleep well this morning so fired up the old interent and watched yutube videos of PP.

We are not due out until Sept but just thinking about PP and all the nice places we will visit and restuarants to eat in cheers me up in thie sunny but v cold day.



Smiddy 23-02-2013 16:50

Don't bother with you tube, just look out the window, one of those rare ocassions when the weather is better here than it is in PP.:eek:

Pepperoni Man 04-03-2013 12:25

The Miramar have had links with Corb Mari for a number of years - I've no idea if there is any common ownership.

Make sure when you check in at the Miramar that you look in the hotel welcome pack as there is usually an offer for a free half bottle of wine at the Corb Mari. This will go some way to reducing the cost of the very expensive but good steaks!

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