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Bars & Restaurants in Pollensa, Majorca Where to eat and drink. For great reviews and comments on bars, cafes and restaurants. Do give locations if possible.

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Old 31-03-2006, 22:17
Posts: n/a
Default Eat, Erink and be Merry

After meticuliously studying all reviews, and menu's, ive come up, with my shortlist for eating out....now do bear in mind, it will be my first time to P.P....i did enjoy reading the other threads, regarding fave haunts etc... and wondered if i am far off the mark, I also not keen on having kids playing around...sorry !!

I would like the regulars here, the hardened P.P fans, to give their opinion on my choices, which has basically been narrowed down from their experiences, and reviews from other sites...so here goes !!

Cheap but value venues of choice -

El posito
Montenegro...to name a few

Dressed up/ Special/ Evening venues -

C'an Cuarrasse
Los Zarzales
Los Pescadores
good ole... O' Lume
La victoria
la Fortalesa
La terrassa

considering these are narrowed down, i will need to narrow them down further...as I doubt I could eat in all of them, could I?? ....of course.....your on your hols...right...( thats my excuse, and im sticking to it...)

if anyone thinks im on wrong track!! let me know...

Also we arrive about 10-11 pm, any suggestions for a restaurant, from the above list, that would be ideal for that time, serving nice food, but not too fancy, as wont want to dress up after travelling etc!...also with a late bar !
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Old 31-03-2006, 23:53
JH02JLH's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2004
Location: Northamptonshire, UK
Posts: 1,843

Hi Deb,

It was good to see your choice of restaurants but I would have put Trencadora into the second category as it really is (or was) quite a special place to eat.

It has received mixed reviews recently so I don't know how it fares with other similar restaurants in Pollensa Old Town. When we visited in October 2004 it was a great experience but not cheap!

Ca'n Cuarassa and Balaixa get the thumbs up from me every time.

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Old 01-04-2006, 00:45
Posts: n/a

Hi Jane,

Thanks , your right...just checked it out, although seen a lot of reviews saying great value, I possibly mistaken that for cheap !

In work, just leaving, have a lovely weekend !!

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Old 01-04-2006, 01:17
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: Cardiff
Posts: 304

It's a while since I've been on here no computer for the last 4 weeks . Last one died taking all my info. with it:evil .

Others you might want to try Debi are Tango's in the square, the Llenaire restaurant, very good suckling pig and if your looking for a fairly cheap night out and the foods pretty good try The Sparrow near the Pollenca Park Hotel they have a rear terrace which is quite nice,

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Old 01-04-2006, 02:17
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: UK
Posts: 707
Default Re : eat, drink and be merry

Hi guys and gals!

And you Timbers , glad to see you are back in business again, wondered where you'd been. Catch you soon!

And Deb, calm down my dear!

50 odd posts and you've never been yet! And 7 weeks to go!

There will be banners strung across the streets in your honour, when you arrive!

And yes Sandy I too am a fan of La Vall, had a very atmospheric night in there last year. Not everyone's cup of wine but hey good fun!:rollin :rollin
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Old 01-04-2006, 03:56
debz1's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: Buckinghamshire
Posts: 2,931
Default Re: Re : eat, drink and be merry

Good choices deb for someone who's never even been to PP yet..you've listened and learned well

Tiberi would be a good choice your first night as it's open late, and near the Square and bars so you'll be able to soak up the atmosphere and get in the holiday mood.

La Victoria is great but probably better for lunch as the views across the bay are the best thing about it and really beautiful. The food is fine but simple more than spectacular! Also in the dark for a first visit it's a bit tricky to find but a pleasant journey by day.

None of the places you have mentioned do you have to really dress up and anything goes..but if you're like me and like to put your glad rags on I would 'doll up' at Trencadora, Balaixa,Los Zarzales and of course my favourite C'an Costa

You're going to love it!!


Ps Another lovely restaurant to go to is El Cantonet in the old town..very romantic if you ask for a table on the terrace by the church..and you can dress up for that one!
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Old 03-04-2006, 18:02
Posts: n/a
Default Re: Re : eat, drink and be merry

cheers guys.....!!!

you have all been very helpful !! I should know the place like the back of my hand now....:lol

no doubt i will have another question, before i go !! its fun, while im bored in work !!!

ciao for now !!

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Old 07-04-2006, 02:20
Posts: n/a
Default Eat Drink and be merry.


EL Posito: Tony is now doing 5 different recipes for the cod, i only managed the 3 (on seperate nights), but it should be made compulsory to try all 5 during your stay, they are absolutely delicious! Not to mention the fish soup!

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Old 07-04-2006, 16:20
Posts: n/a
Default Re: Eat Drink and be merry.


I hate fish, but boyfriend loves it, so will defo try that out, any other decent/reasonably priced fish restaurants you can recommend
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Old 08-04-2006, 04:50
Posts: n/a
Default Re: Eat Drink and be merry.

Have any of you been to the Oceon bar?It is owned by a lovely lady from Whitley Bay and on my last visit to Pollensa she had made it into a bar/bistro.The chef she has got is excellent and is well worth a visit. P.S. I am new to this forum and its great to look up Pollensa especially on cold dark nights.
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Old 08-04-2006, 05:53
Posts: n/a
Default Eat Drink and get drunk.


El Posito's not only a fish rest. they cover everything. Nearly all restaurants have fish on their menu etc, so you and your partner won't go far wrong. Most if not all the rests. mentioned on the forum are highly recommended and if you stick to them you wont go far wrong.

You don't like fish?? What's up with you woman :lol
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Old 10-04-2006, 02:36
Join Date: Feb 2008
Posts: 645
Default Eat, drink etc

Hi Smiddy, we were in El Posito on Friday night. Usual great food, stuffed peppers and cod with peppers. Thought about having peppers stuffed with peppers for pudding but decided not to.
Wifey couldn't eat all hers so Tony wrapped it up and she had it for lunch at home on Saturday. What a life!!
See you soon?
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Old 10-04-2006, 16:20
Posts: n/a
Default Re: Eat, drink etc

each to their own Smiddy, fish :eek

hear what your saying, realise it doesnt only sell fish, was poorly worded, what i meant was, any other restaurants that are popular for their fish dishes, renouned etc !!!

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Old 10-04-2006, 21:53
JH02JLH's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2004
Location: Northamptonshire, UK
Posts: 1,843
Default Re: Eat, drink etc

Hi Deb,

For a fish restaurant you could always try Os Cachelos (Casa Gallega) in the square in Puerto Pollensa. It's right next to the church and has a great choice of fish dishes.

See my post:


The also cater for non-fishy lovers and the setting is great.

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Old 10-04-2006, 23:51
Posts: n/a
Default Re: Eat, drink etc

cheers Jane,

sounds ideal !! Told other half, they have fish to die for there !!! , so didnt want to be proved wrong. i may be partial to try some fish, although what i dont dispise, bores me to death, but ive read here, about lovely stuffed mussels, think in the old town, which i admit to fancying, as they sounded lovely, in garlic...hhhmmmm , and El posito, do cod to die for, aparently, so there is 2 places....that'll do...:lol

Thanks again jane...have a nice evening


p.s gonna check out the link !!
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