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JH02JLH 17-08-2006 01:19

Lunch at Los Zarzales
This was yet another restaurant that I was determined to try, having managed to miss it last August.

It was the Friday before we left and we'd decided to eat at lunchtime as we were meeting Timberman and his wife in the evening for a drink.

So we did a little shopping in PP and made our way slowly to the restaurant which is one street back from the main promenade in the resort.

I think we caught the staff unawares as it was just past 12pm when we enquired about a table. But they were very professional and we took a seat under a large umbrella outside the main entrance.

The setting was very relaxed at lunchtime and I noticed the interior of the restaurant looked much more formal, but for us it was great with the children able to wander down to the small supermarket on the corner and bug us to buy them things.

We enjoyed a pre-dinner glass of beer and some bread and olives while we studied the menu. Hubby and I both went for the prawn cocktail for a starter which was delicious. The prawns were plump and juicy and there was lots of sauce and salad. The children happily munched on garlic bread.

For our main courses, hubby chose cod while I went for pork tenderloin in a beautiful sauce. Both dishes were beautifully presented and we enjoyed them immensely. My pork was tender and the sauce thick and tasty.

The children enjoyed well-cooked chicken which were only charged at 5,50 euros, perhaps the cheapest meals for the children of the whole two weeks.

There was no question of dessert. Our main courses were very filling so we just sat and enjoyed a coffee and watched the restaurant gradually fill up.

The bill was 98 euros which included lots of drinks and the usual bread and olives.

We'll definitely go back, but for dinner next time. The service was relaxed and friendly and we could have sat there all day soaking up the sun and enjoying the ambiance.


charlotte 17-08-2006 03:59

Hi Jane
we were in Los Zarzales last Friday lunch time!!!
now I know which was your family especially as I was noseying at everyones food and saw those lovely prawn cocktails! (also my daughter recognised your son from playing in the square - is he called James?)

Anyway we went cheap and cheerful and ordered menu of the day - great value - Tuna Salad - Mussles - creme catalana
and wine 10Euros!!!!

We had also been one evening the previous week and thoroughly enjoyed the food, the friendly service and the ambiance sat in the lovely courtyard

starters- red peppers stuffed with seafood and baby squid
mains-suckling pig for hubby,pork loin wrapped in cabbage stuffed with prawns for me
My daughter had a cod fillet grilled(with no fancy sauce as requested!!)
The dry house white served in a 1lt carafe was more than acceptable.
Can't remember what we had for sweets or the exact cost but was very reasonable and we will return next year.

JH02JLH 17-08-2006 04:47

Hi Charlotte,

I remember you and your family very well! You should have come over to say hello!

I did have a feeling you were from the forum - I seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to spotting other members!

I'm glad you had a good meal - I wasn't even aware of the fixed menu but we really enjoyed our lunch and look forward to going back for dinner next time.


its cd 17-08-2006 05:23


My daughter and I discovered Los Z when we were over on our own in October .... and we were just desperate to share this gem with the rest of the family ...........

So we took Mum and Dad and hubby on the second night of our holidays ....... and it didn't disappoint. I can't remember what everyone had , but I know my Suckling Pig and Tiramasu Island was to die for ......... daughter had a massive shoulder of Lamb which she really enjoyed and Mum had chicken in a green coloured sauce ( dunno what it was ) ........ she loved it

Anyway .... my 2 nephews ( late teans and early 20's ) joined us for the second week of the holidays and my daughter was so keen for them to try Los Z that whilst on a walk into the port with one of her cousins, she took it upon herself to go back to Los Z ( amazed she could find it ) and book us a table for 7 in the garden for the following evening.

So we all went once again ......... another great meal, one of my nephews had Duck .... and it had a range of sauces around the duck , one of which was chocolate .... couldn't resist pinching a bit .... how delicious!!!!

The apple crepes were amazing as well

Perhaps the craziest part of the evening though was the fact that it was so hot, even outside , that we had an industrial sized fan blowing cold air onto us at 10.30pm

Oh and the saddest thing is that no one recognised me .... but there again I'm not famous :rollin :rollin :rolli

debz1 17-08-2006 16:41

Jane really glad you went to Los Z at last and that you all enjoyed it!

Next time try and go in the evening as the courtyard garden is really romantic and pretty at night.

It's my best resturant in the Port!!! :D

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