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Sparky 24-03-2011 21:30

Hell's Kitchen.
Hell's Kitchen is now open in the evenings from 6.30pm, they are still doing their Roast in Hell between 1 and 4pm on Sundays and will be closed on Mondays.
Marissa (ex Cod Father) is now working in the front of house.:D

whaleywanderer 25-03-2011 12:13

No Gary???

cujimmy 25-03-2011 12:27


Originally Posted by whaleywanderer (Post 56069)
No Gary???

Now devoting his his time to charity work

Sparky 25-03-2011 12:33

Whaley, Gary is not there but he is always working hard in Hardley's and as cheeky as ever ;). Marissa is a lovely girl, a few forum members will remember her and i am sure she will do a great job for Ian :D.

whaleywanderer 25-03-2011 13:12

I remember Marissa from Cod Father, she is very pleasant. My son had a crush on her.;)

lovethepinewalk 25-03-2011 13:41


Does that mean that the 'lovely Marissa' is not going to be working for Nick anymore in The Codfather?... We go into the best fish & chip restaurant in the world at least twice, over the duration of our two weeks in the Port....... And one of the highlights is to be served by the 'lovely Marissa'.... Then onto JK's (where Andy works)...

Still a good reason to try Hell's Kitchen as well as now.....


Sparky 25-03-2011 14:03

Lovethepinewalk, Marissa will not be working in the CF and Andy does not work in JK's anymore.

bluestar 25-03-2011 17:38

I think Marissa was kind enough to give me some aftersun last year after I had rather overdone it in the sun duing the day ( so had she!!) if thats the peson I'm thinking

Golfaholics 25-03-2011 18:15

Where's Hardley's?

Sparky 25-03-2011 19:05

Hardley's is in C/ Almirant Cervera where the Nag's Head used to be.:)

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