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robbo 22-03-2011 11:41

The real Mallorca
Coming back again in July and would really like to visit a real rustic mallorcan bar complete with mallorcan music and dancing. can anyone point me in the right direction please. preferably not too touristy.

russets 22-03-2011 12:12

unfortunately that was the real Mallorca about 100 years ago. The real Mallorca today is much more commercial and advanced than it used to be. Everything changes. You can still find examples of the traditional dancing and music (which by the way sounds very pagan). It is best to visit the local fiestas that happen in the winter months around numerous villages on the island. Moscairi, selva, sa pobla, vista allegre are just a few that during fiestas do show of the tradiotional dancing and costume. In the summer months it may be harder to find. Just take a drive inland to some small villages and you may get lucky.

Sparky 22-03-2011 12:21

Russets is right, you may find somewhere in a village but i am afraid there is nowhere in PP. It's a shame but everything changes in time.

robbo 22-03-2011 12:42

Oh well it was a nice thought thanks for replying.

ray 22-03-2011 14:09

In some of the villages like Sineu, Petra etc you will find some of what you want, but unlikely to get all of it under one roof

lollipop 23-03-2011 14:19

If you are here at the time of the PP fiesta there is usually local dancing one night in the square.

its cd 23-03-2011 23:51

All this talk of local dancers brings to mind the traditional majorcian dancers who used to dance outside the Bar Coral on a Thursday evening during the summer months

I think it was a local dance school

They ranged in age from adults down to a little girl who must have been about 5 or 6 years old ...... I remember the children in the group would each come and ask one of the holiday maker children to join them for the final dance. One evening the little girl came and took my daughter by the hand and led her right into the centre of the group .... they all danced around them whilst the small girl taught her some simple footwork, despite my daughter only being 3 or 4 years old

The crowd were entranced and gave them both a wonderful round of applause, at which point it all became far too much for my daughter who burst into tears.

She does however have very fond memories of this evening and often wonders where this little girl is now ..... although she will now be about 19 or 20

Anyone else remember them

Or even more interestingly , does that young girl read this forum ?

Sparky 24-03-2011 02:08

CD i wonder if they were the same family group that used to perform in the Pollensa Park, it would be about 15/16 years ago when the hotel used to have a Flamenco show one week and the Mallorcan dancers the next week. ;)

its cd 24-03-2011 16:10

Possibly but it would be a big family ..... I would say there were about 12 of them

They were definitely dancing about 15years ago and I think they continued until about 2004

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