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Bars & Restaurants in Pollensa, Majorca Where to eat and drink. For great reviews and comments on bars, cafes and restaurants. Do give locations if possible.

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Old 15-01-2008, 04:37
ruthie s
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Me, my husband and 2 children aged 4 and 2 are visiting pp for the first time in June.

We are staying in Gomar. We are wondering of any recommended restaurants within the Gomar area (in case we dont fancy taking the car into the centre of pp!!)

Thanks in advance for any replies.
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Old 15-01-2008, 04:38
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: Belfast
Posts: 333

Gomar is only a 10 to 15 min walk to the square in the Port so I am sure you will decide to venture up there most nights. However Tolos is near Gomar and is very good - pizzas, pastas etc.
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Old 17-01-2008, 02:14
Gommar Goffer
Posts: n/a

There is a small complex in Gommar with a couple of bars and a mini supermarket.

On of the bars is called Aries and does good basic food e.g burgers, omlettes, steaks, rolls, etc.

The owner, Rafa, used to work at Tolos!

Always a friendly welcome

The other bar, la Rosa Blanca, has a pool
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Old 18-01-2008, 18:30
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: Edinburgh
Posts: 653

It depends exactly where you are in Gommar but if near the Siller end and you walk in that direction it's not far to walk from Gommar to Siller restaurant or celler la parra and just a few more minutes and you are in town. :rolleyes

We stayed near the Gommar roundabout and the Spar there is very well stocked with lots of freshly baked bread and spit roasted chicken.

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Old 19-01-2008, 10:30
Posts: n/a

Ruthie - I must agree with Sharon.Don't get me wrong Gommar is a lovely area and ideally situated but unfortunately due to the only really over commercialised hotel in the resort ( the Pollensa park) the restaurants in close proximity aren't great but my choice if pushed would be Ickebana.As Sharon pointed out you would be missing out on something special with the age your children are if you didn't venture into "the square" most nights as children of all nationalities run wild in safety to all hours whilst parents chill with a drink outside Boneys.Jose at Boneys is the Pied Piper of PP and all the kids love him ( might have something to do with the fact that he bribes them with sweets.) The square is only 10 to 15 mins leisurely stroll from Gommar.
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Old 20-01-2008, 06:32
Posts: n/a

Nothing wrong with Pollensa Park yes it is commerical but a great place for entertainment for all including young ones. Gommar is great ,As for resturants I would say there are a couple of very good ones Ikebanna being one also Sparrow Fab food honest prices golden lion for chicken and chips! also Palms for live entertainment bit touristy but great acts. I too some years back would not entertain gommer and trek into town ( bit longer than 15 mins with babies )then I gave Gommar a chance its great you have the best of both worlds the slight snobbery of town or good honest people,food and entertainment of Gommer you be the judge! depends if your a PP snob or not! as for resturant Sillar good, only, good food, great service very over priced.

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Old 20-01-2008, 08:55
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: Liverpool
Posts: 554

PP snob!!:eek ahhh thats when i come in :lol
I must agree with Sonyaaaaaaa, Sparrow is a great restaurant and really friendly. Also try Los Zarzales on the beach front, about a 5 min walk from Gommar.
But you must venture into PP center, Ruthie. It is only about a 15 min stroll along the beach front.
Have a great time
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Old 20-01-2008, 20:03
its cd's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2008
Posts: 1,657

I don't think it is anything to do with snobery

People go on holiday for different things

In general, the thing that attracts people to PP is that it does not have some of the things that becaue synonymous with the Majorca of the 70's ...... ie rowdie bars, lots of places serving "Chicken and Chips" type meals, young brits showing themselves up getting drunk every night and sporting their mandatory football tops. No one is saying that the above is wrong, it's just not what attracts people to PP. It is also a "holiday" that can be found in many many resorts across europe and is enjoyed by families of all social groups, young and old, rich and poor.


Many people come to PP for a different type of holiday ........ for a chance to eat different foods to those you eat at home, for an opportunity for your children to play with groups of children of all nationalities whilst you enjoy a quiet drink on a balmy evening; for a holiday where your children enjoy the pleasures of playing with a bicket and spade and fishing net in tranquil safe waters, for a chance for all the family to enjoy simple pleasure together, catch up on the books you aways meant to read, improve your little ones swimming ability in not too crowded pools, go for a leisurely walk or kayack around the bay, go for a bike ride, leave electronic entertainment and the fast pace of life behind, visit inland towns and soak up the culture etc etc

And again I stress the above type of holiday is also enjoyed my many many families, rich and poor , young and old

So , if you come to PP for the latter and you choose PP for that BECAUSE IT IS DIFFERENT TO THE MANY OTHER PLACES ........... then it goes without saying that you will NEVER like the idea of a large Commercial Hotel, Chicken and Chips Restaurants, noisy kids clubs etc ......... because that is not what you associate PP with

I think the posters are just expressing their view that you and your children will miss out on the things most people return to PP for year after year if you stick to a certain area ( which lets face it is just a small area immediately around the Polensa Park ......... and by no means detracts from the nice area that the majority of Gommar is ) and fail to experience the rest of PP

In summary - stick around the Pollensa Park and you will have a good time , but probably no different that you will have at a dozen other resorts

Spread your wings a bit wider and you will have a wonderful family holiday ......... your 2 little ones will love it.
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Old 20-01-2008, 23:42
Posts: n/a

Good reading CD as for snobery I hold my hands up! but I try not to judge a book by its cover. As you mention in the first paragraph all the things PP is not about, however, you seem to insinuate that it is what the pollensa park and surrounding area is about which it certainly is not. families who go to the Pollensa park also do all the things you mention. but come midnight after the entertainment they go to bed. because they are families who want to enjoy PP, As for chicken and chips......one resturant NOT english but mallorcan that specialises in it and only one typical english bar the rest is all mallorcan. you started your posting great then sarcasm totally putting down an area which may be small but certainly is not as horrible as you are trying to make out. Each to their own those that want to stay put, be it in the square/gommar or those that what to sample a bit of everything. I'm certain most people try both and finally settle into their comfort zone. I have enjoyed great meals and entertaiment in Gommar . I have also enjoyed the same in town minus entertainment actually the people are my entertainment! So please let people be their own judges. We all like a little bit of everything which PP is all about.
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Old 21-01-2008, 02:55
Posts: n/a

Its very snobby in town I often go to the Chippy for Caviar and Foie gras and wash it down with a few glasses of champagne in the Irish bar.
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Old 21-01-2008, 03:20
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: UK
Posts: 707
Default Re: Eating

Hi Ruthie and welcome.

You won't go wrong with the Sparrow or Ikebana. We've had a good few lunches including Sundays at Ikebana but not an evening meal , but sure it'd be good.

On the main seafront road, there would be L'Ancla and Tolos as you head in to town and also on the beachside of the road there is a bar/restaurant, the only one of it's type, Tamarells I think.

But as others have said, do suss out the Square and your choice of so many restaurants near the town centre. And of course looking on here in the Eating section there are so many reviews. If you fancy any particular place , suss it out during the day and then you know where to head for at night. Everywhere , without any exception I can think of, welcomes kids.

A couple of comments re the Pollensa Park Hotel and what we call "Pollensa Park Avenue".

Yes the PP hotel is big by PP standards, none too pretty and attracts a certain clientele. I am sure the most of them enjoy their holidays and even return again and again. PP attracts a wide range of visitors with very different tastes and very different depth of pockets and budgets.

The shops and restaurants, and internet cafe on the "Avenue" provide for everday needs, whether to stock up on drinks, English newspapers , fruit etc, and no doubt also covers the needs of many who live in Gommar. It's convenient, and it does the job. When staying at that end of town we've used it and remember, it is a comfort zone for many visitors, whether residents of the BIG HOTEL or not. They can have their food and drinks tastes satisfied 100 yards from their hotel.

I mean, not everyone is a Menu del Dia freak, like some of us on here!:eek

You enjoy, Ruthie, there'll be no doubt of that!

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Old 21-01-2008, 07:12
ruthie s
Posts: n/a


Thanks everyone for your comments, I have read them all with interest.

We are staying at the Los Geranios apartments in Gommar, not sure of exact location within Gommar. I booked it from an ad on this website. It looks lovely, and also wanted to be somewhere peaceful at night!! We are not into large, commercialised holiday complexes!

Thanks for all your suggestions. We will def head in the centre most nights, as it appears to be very child friendly. Good to have some local options as well.

Can't wait til June.

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Old 21-01-2008, 09:14
Join Date: Feb 2008
Posts: 188

Hi Ruthie,
Just round the corner from Los Geranios there are two bars and a small supermarket. We recomend Bar Aries, Their clientele is a nice mix of locals, ex-pats and holidaymakers. We have an apartment nearby. Los Geranios is a very nice block. You are sure to have a great holiday.
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