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mwc 26-01-2010 13:46

Top 3 restaurants in PP 2010
Having been a regular visitor like most on this site, I would be interested to know what are your own top 3 restaurants in PP.

sws97sdg 26-01-2010 13:59

Good one, perhaps we could tot up the scores. For the Port El Mojito, Tiberi and Guru, for the town Il Giardino, La Font del Gall and Ca n'Olesa

BigErn 26-01-2010 14:37

Can Pacienci, Nicos & La Piazza for me. Havent tried that many in the town but El Temple was the best one so far.

mike_dublin 26-01-2010 15:05

Top 3 + a contender
My top 3 in PP are:

Celler la Parra
Tolo's (mainly for lunch)

Ca'n Josep is a contender, but hasn't quite made it in the top 3.

mwc 26-01-2010 15:26

By far my favorite is Tango, followed by Beef & Tapas (I know, the kid's love it though) & Tolo's. Must try O'Lume this year, for some reason we never been.

romanb 26-01-2010 18:37

Top three for us in the area Can Pacienci, Stay & Clivia. If just looking at Puerto Pollensa Stay, La Llonja & Club Nautica. Had a very good meal in Cellar la Parra this year our first time, but we will definately be going back.

kate1 26-01-2010 18:45

La Llonja (food and location), El Posito (food), Stay (location). I would have said Siller but it was closed when we were last out and I gather recent reports haven't been so good.

I suspect that after our April visit O'Lume will have made it into our top three...

joelise80 26-01-2010 19:09

I would choose Guru and Nico's and my husband and boys love the mixed meat grill at Simbads so it has to be there for them. :) I so look forward to my first night meal in Guru and sad as it is I always have the same - role on September

supamac 26-01-2010 19:23

No contest - C'an Josep, Stay and Tolo's in that order - and for a good slap-up meal - Hell's Kitchen!

liz d 26-01-2010 20:09

IRU,(food) :rolleyes:
Stay (location) :)
Centric (Value):cool:

snowy2007 26-01-2010 20:53

1. El Posito
2. O'Lume
3. =C'an Josep and Los Zarzales

jjacks 26-01-2010 21:48

1. El Posito
2. Cellar la Parra
3. Na Ruixa

debz1 26-01-2010 22:10

In no particular order ;)


Los Zarzales
Ca'n Josep


El Temple
Il Giardino
El Cantonet

ragdollabbi 26-01-2010 23:06

Top 3 have to be (in no particular order)

El Posito
Hell's Kitchen

Simbads has to be one of my least favourites!

graham 26-01-2010 23:51

In port:

Las Zarzales
Little Italy

In towm

Il Giardano
LA Fonda

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