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ray 15-04-2009 19:59

can costa pollenca
Can costa in the old town is no longer. Now called Latitute bar and restaurant, looks like a big change of direction

JH02JLH 15-04-2009 20:02

RIP Ca'n Costa...:(

sws97sdg 15-04-2009 20:06

You never know Jane it might be better!

JH02JLH 15-04-2009 20:55


klad1 04-05-2009 09:06

Similar style but better and far more reasonable. Quite a few locals the night we eat there too. Well worth a visit.

sws97sdg 04-05-2009 09:16

We were always put off by the price and the atmosphere, so perhaps we will try it this year, what type of food are they going with, any veggie stuff this time?

Belladonna 04-05-2009 10:57

Debs and I had a look in when we were there. In our opinion, the atmosphere is not going to be the same at all as the old Can Costa restaurant. That of course does not mean that it wont be as good, just attracting a different cliental.
They will be having wi-fi access and the availability of bar only. Menu at the moment is pretty basic, but then they are only just starting out so need to see how they go. We didnt feel it had the wow factor which Can Costa had, and to be honest, we will have to force ourselves to give it a try. The red carpet has gone to be replaced with a sort of velcro/astro turf black one! Early days I know, but it seems that another mid/top end restaurant has yet again gone from the area.:(

sws97sdg 04-05-2009 14:54

Hi bella, you say the menu was basic, is that basic spanish? What type of things, any veggies items? Thanks for any info. :)

Belladonna 04-05-2009 15:23

Really sorry but I really cant remember specifics. Just remember there being about 3 choices for each catagory, eg, meat, fish etc. So if you are a veggie that can eat fish then there are some choices there, but I cant be sure if there were totally vegetable dishes. Im sure others will be able to take a look sooner for you but if not Ill look again in June!;)

sws97sdg 04-05-2009 15:36

OK thanks Bella, I'll check if they advertise on the site, or if they have a web page.

debz1 04-05-2009 21:18

Agree with Bella that Latitude certainly hasn't got the wow factor that Ca'n Costa had. It is Argentinian run but the menu seemed more international , and when we looked we commented that we would be hard pushed to choose something, as nothing really sounded that appetising...in our opinion of course :rolleyes:

And the carpet WAS dreadful :eek:

pollensa 05-05-2009 10:15


Originally Posted by sws97sdg (Post 29994)
I'll check if they advertise on the site

Am afraid we don't have them yet.. but if anyone visits them do suggest it, thanks;)

sws97sdg 05-03-2014 11:54

Looks like Can Costa is to be resurrected, reopening again, very popular with a lot of members, anyone have anymore infor?

Sparky 05-03-2014 15:05

Yes they open on Friday 7th March at 6pm as a restaurant/cocktail lounge :D.

kate1 05-03-2014 16:36

Really? The same as the old Ca'n Costa? That's great news, I used to love it there for a 'grown-up' evening. I never set foot in Latitude as it just looked so offputting with a poor menu. I particularly like the sound of the 'cocktail lounge' element as this was one of its major attractions - I remember towards the end of the 'old' Ca'n Costa they got rid of the separate cocktail menu, which was a great shame.

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